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Monday, 1 July 2013

Quickie Review and Swatches: Collection2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Creams

These little beauties have been out for a long time now but I’m just getting round to doing a review. Matte lip creams aren’t super easy to find in the UK, especially with the continued influx of sheerer balm-stain type products, but Collection(2000) have four shades for about £2.99 each. I have three to show you:

creme puff


cream puff 1 cotton candy 2
cream puff 1 cotton candy

Cotton Candy (1)



cream puff 2 powder puff 2
cream puff 2 powder puff

Powder Puff (2)

Not the nicest shade on my lips, but I absolutely love this shade as a cream blush:

cream puff swatches




cream puff 3 fairy cake 2

cream puff 3 fairy cake

Fairy Cake (3)

Possibly my favourite our of the shades, a beautiful rosy shade that packs a polished punch but is still appropriate for pretty much every situation.


Ultimately these products aren’t going to sit well with everyone - they kind of have a strange mousse-y texture which feels odd on the lips at first. While they dry down pretty matte, they’re not super long wearing or as dry/velvety looking as a traditional matte lipstick or something like Lime Crime Velvetines, so if you’re looking for something you won’t need to touch throughout the day, these ain’t it. However, this means they’re not drying at all, so if you steer clear of matte lip products for that reason, they’re worth a try.

While they’re not super long wearing on the lips, they really are fabulous as a cream blush, leaving a lovely dewy finish. If you’ve bought these and not tried them on the cheeks, definitely worth a go, and if you’re a cream blush lover in general, the doe foot applicator makes these a doddle to apply as blush on the go.


Have you tried these? What do you think of matte lip products in general?

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  1. Love cotton candy and fairy cake! I think they look natural and yet a good boost to the skin tone!


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