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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Top 5 Pink Lipsticks for Summer!

Well, just for at the moment anyway ;) I’m not actually that huge of a pink lipstick fan (compared to other colours, anyway!)  but I always seem to pull them out in the summer and here are some I’m loving at the moment:


covergirl siren 

Covergirl Siren: I love this lipstick so much that when the dog ate my original I had to beg my lovely American ladies to send me another one! If this texture was in any other colour, I’d not be fussed at all but there’s something about this foil-like sheen that is just amazing with the pink.


Dg Love Is An Act

Darling Girl Love Is An Act: SO many blue sparkles in this! Very pretty and unique. I love DG lipsticks and can’t wait till they come back early next year.


Inglot Sleeks Gloss in 95

Inglot Sleeks Cream in 95: These thing are *so* glossy in real life and this is a beautiful, slightly milky pink that smells like candy. If you like this sort of shade, it’s worth checking out.


Make Up Store Gum

Make Up Store Lip Liner in Gum: I love this matte rose from MUS with a hint of blush and brown lashes. Gorgeous! It’s still a strong colour so you have a focal point for your look, but the colour in itself isn’t super lairy.


MAC Insanely It Swatch


MAC Insanely It: Nearly all my pink lipsticks are MAC and I’m trying to use more non-MAC lipsticks but I love the Sheen Supremes so much these snuck in! This particular shade has a hint of sparkle and I love the texture.


Alright kids, what colour are you loving for summer? What pinks don’t I have that I need?


  1. Great picks, these are gorgeous! I've been wearing natural lips for work lately (bright lipstick + wedding gowns do not mix) and then I forget to do fun lipsticks on the weekend... I need to pull out a really kicky fuchsia sometime soon!


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