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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Gorgeous Goths (and me :S)

First off, Happy 4th and a belated Happy Canada Day :D I hit 100 followers today so I'm pretty stoked! I know I've been tagged in a couple of blog awards and I will get round to tagging and properly thanking people soon.

A Small Warning... there is a bit of tit in this post, but fear not, it ain't mine. Its not just to titillate (ahahahahaha! Ha!) its because the boobs are attatched to some awesome make-up.

At risk of sounding like a dorky kid on an MTV show, I wish I was a goth. My mum and dad are bikers and while they look pretty darn ordinary minus all the tattoos, I was brought up surrounded by gorgeous goths, beautiful bikers and pretty Pagans and ever since I can remember I've been in love. In the dark depths of my wardrobe there are big black platform shoes, publicly indecent kilts, pvc, fishnet, coffin-shaped things, skull-y wullys... Sigh. My boyfriend sort of talked me out of it - unknowingly - when I was a teenager in case I pissed off his nan and I tamed it way, way, way down. I amped it up a bit at uni, mostly when I went clubbing and I dressed more goth, rockabilly, punk, blah. Why don't I do it so much anymore? I don't know, I kind of feel phony when I do dress up and am back in my Breakfast Club t-shirt and jeans the next day.

I totally love gothic make-up. The classic pale skin and dark, heavy lined eyes are what most people think of, but there is so much more pretty than that...

Sigh. Anyway...enough of that. Even though I'm in lust with the elegant eyeliner and amazing brows of the ladies shown above, I wanted to do a real dark smokey red-and-black combo:

I think it looks more Kabuki than goth... Ah well, it was fun to do and I'm going to do some better looks soon. I think I should have done a black or nude lip, but I wanted to try out my new OCC lip tar! Its awesome!


Evil Shades Heartless Queen (lid)
Pout Miss Barbados Duo (dark side -in crease)
Evil Shades Zombie (crease)
Nyx White Pearl (Highlight)
Sleek Black (outer V, waterline)
UD 24/7 Liner in Zero (waterline)
Sleek light brown from Storm palette (brows)
Kryolan Aqual Color in Black (liner on upper lid)
Lancome Hypnose


OCC Lip Tar in NSFW
Sleek Black lipstick (inner corners)


Revlon Colourstay
Sleek Contour palette in Light
MAC Gesso
NYX Mosaic Highlighter

Have a nice day kids! xxx


  1. I see Shrinkles eyeballs! I knew your look involved Evil Shades as soon as I saw it :) though is the lid colour Heartless Queen, or does she have a Red Queen shade too?

  2. Great post! Those goth make up looks are amazing.

    And the make up you did, it's awesome too!! I LOVE the red you used for your lids. It's so RED. I'm still looking for real red eyeshadow here but haven't found.. For red looks I have to use lip liner. x

  3. I love this. Red is amazing on you!

    And congrats on the 100 follower mark!

  4. Shrinkle FTW :D

    Heather: Agh, yes, its Heartless Queen, I don't know why I think its called that :( I've been wanting to use it since I got it, it is sooo the best red girls!

  5. Just love all those look, wanna try it once :)
    Your look is great, you made a great work ;)
    Thx for sharing ;)

  6. You sound like you had an awesome upbringing! My childhood was so middleclass and suburban it's painful.
    I sometimes wish I was a goth too, mostly as I am firmly of the opinion I look awesome in black lipstick :D
    That red look looks awesome on you..excuse me whilst I go try to replicate it :D

  7. Your upbringing sounds so cool! My mom is the most uptight ultra-religious person ever! She's super conservative and plain. My dad was liberal in some things but not everything and very stern and strict despite all his tattoos and biker looks. How I became a rap-loving super liberal is beyond me LOL. I love goth makeup's so not who I am so when I do try it, I always feel like I'm dressing up too. If I could live my teen years over...I'd totally be a goth :)

  8. I love the second look (the green eyes with purple shadow looks amazing!). Your colors and liner look great. If I did that (which I've tried on numerous occasions), I'd look like a clown. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. @ meg: Thankyou, I'm dead chuffed!

    @liloo: Thanks hon, I loved playing with this one!

    @Stephee and MethadonePretty: My upbringing was pretty cool, I rode round on bikes and went camping and ate BBQs a lot. But most bikers are pretty tame to be honest! And don't think that 'cause my Mutti and Vati have brumpty bikes that they weren't strict with me! If I broke the rules I knew it!

    @Megan: I think that look is heavily 'shopped, but hey! Pretty is pretty! And you would not look like a clown. Goth clowns sound pretty scary actually :(

  10. Love the red and black smokey look. I'm always glad to see more colourful creative "goth" makeup. Most gals I see at the clubs wear the same makeup every time they go out. It's either dark purple or red lipstick with black smokey eyes and very pale skin and no blush...which is OK but really boring to wear all the time.
    Which is why I like to show up looking like a drag queen half the time or wear minimal makeup. :-D
    Your look is perfect!

  11. Thanks Blix! I love colourful goth make-up too, its just shows its not all doom-and-gloom.


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