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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lip Collaboration: Orange Lip Product Swatches

EDIT: This is a really old post. I'm trying to archive all my lipsticks, and Blogger ate this very important post, hence reposting it. Stupid Blogger.

Wendy from Turtle Beauty, Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit and I were nattering on twitter about lippies, as you do, and we decided to do a swatch collaboration. Wendy posted her purple lipstick collection yesterday, I'll be doing my oranges here, and Lily will be posting her reds tomorrow.

Wendy posted her purple lipsticks here.
Lily will posted her red lipsticks here.

I don't have as many oranges as Wendy has purples and I'm pretty sure that Lily has 12,387 red lippies, so this post will be a little shorter and sweeter. Orange is a shade that I find very difficult to both buy and wear, so I hope that this helps someone out.

For reference, here are my bare-a-roonie lips:


All these pics were taken with flash - there has been no sun here for about ten bazillion years. I meant to take skin swatches, but as you can see my lips aren't that pigmented, and with the "light" here I couldn't get good ones in the end. Let me know if you need a comparison.

Orange you glad you bought me?

-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Hair Dye

Oh hai, chippy toof!

I love this Lip Lustre! While not as vibrant as I was hoping, the gold sparkle throughout is super pretty. If you're not sure about oranges, you can't argue with the price of Lip Lustres and this is a less in-your-face orange.

-Barry M Lip Paint in 117 Orange

Ah, Barry M Lip Paints. Barry M lovers will know that their lip paints either go on creamy and fabulous or horrible and drying. Sadly, this is the latter. A good slick of balm underneath does help. For £4.49 though, it's not a bad call. I have to be very careful with how I wear this shade though as does wash me out a tad and the shade can look a little 'dirty' on me.

-66 Lip Palette Orange.

I wasn't sure whether I would include this as a) there are ten billion lip colours in these palettes and it's obvious you'll find a harder-to-find shade there, and 2) you can't wear them out unless you want to cart around the massive palette. However, as the finish is a fair bit different to the others and the colour is a slightly more creamsicle orange, I thought I'd stick it on for reference. It's a shame I can't take this with me as I really like it!

-Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in 82 Exotic.

The frostiest of my oranges, and a little less red in real life. This is a new purchase so I don't have too much to say about its wear, but I do really like the Velvet Touch formula even if I think its a bit of a incongruous name for a frosty lippy. Comes in at around £7 which I consider a bargain.
-High Voltage Lip Candy in Kinky.

Lip Candys aren't currently available on the HV website, but I spoke to Jasmine on Twitter and she can still make them. This is my favourite of the lot. It's the most flattering shade on me, the price is excellent and you get great wear out of it. Unfortunately the best way to apply is to take some out the pot, warm it up on the back of your hand and then apply with a brush, which is a pain in the arse but I think it's worth it.

-Barry M Lip Paint in no 54 Peach

A much nicer formula than Orange, but still a little drying. I bought this in hopes that it would be like Lime Crime's Cosmopop, which I fell in love with but won't buy. It's hard to tell both from online swatches and this picture, but Peach is a little more orange, a little more neon. I've never worn this so if anyone has any suggestions, please tell me because it is awesome!

Universally a-Peel-ing

-Primark Well Licked Extreme Shine Gloss in Sorbet

Sloppy application.... flash will expose you. Whoops.

A bargain find I snapped up for 50p! I don't think this is available anymore which is a shame. Obviously as a gloss is sheerer, it's going to be a lot easier to wear. If you can find this in Primark, I'd recommend picking it up - it's very sticky, but in a dry way but it lasts for ages on your lips - if not, Barry M has a less red-based Lip Gloss Wand.

-Nyx Round Lipstick in Femme.

I was unsure whether or not to post this, as it's not an orange at all, but it is a pretty orange-y red and Wendy was curious about it. Again, a way for the fainter of heart to get their citrus on. I love the formula of these and would certainly recommend snapping this one up.

(From here on, lipsticks are added to the post as and when I've bought them.)

-High Voltage Lip Whip in Lil Devil

High Voltage Lip Whips are the indie equivalent of OCC lip tars. The website states this as being a great light orange for blondes and redheads - while it's not as light as I was expecting, it's perfect for my hair/skin.

-Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Rickrolled

A super pigmented, glossy lipstick with a strong ginger scent. I love this shade to bits! And it's hilarious! Win!

-High Voltage Lip Candy in Material Girl

A deep, coral-leaning orange. I love this shade - classy yet unusual enough to make me happy. Love the Lip Candy formula!

-Milani Orange-Gina

Despite everyone trying to ruin this for me by forcing me to read 'Gina' like 'vagina,' this lippie was well worth the wait. Crammed with gold shimmer, it's bloody lovely for summer. Thanks Wendy!

-High Voltage Kiss of True Love

Hoorah for more orange Lip Candy! A lovely coppery orange.

Hope that helped someone! Other oranges I've got my beady little eyes on are:

*Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Ardour
*High Voltage Amplified Lips in Kiss of True Love
*OCC Lip Tar in Traffic
*Milani Orangina ( I'm pretty sure it's DC'd but if anyone can find this for me, I will love you forever.)*MAC Morange

Any oranges you'd like to recommend for me? Orange liners?

Did you like this post? Would you like more swatch colloborations, or more swatch 'archives', i.e., a purple shadow collection post, or a hot pink lipstick post?

Robyn xxx


  1. NYX has an orange lip liner, I've seen some girls say they wear that alone with clear gloss over top.

    Zomg, I love Peach and the High Voltage Lip Candy! HOT! Orange still scares me a little.

    I may be able to find you Orange Gina, I have it... it's very pretty.

  2. I have Barry M 'Peach' but it looks really weird on me :/ Nyx 'Femme' and Gosh 'Exotic' definitely look most wearable! Great swatches :)

  3. I really like Peach, I've never worn an orange lippie before, it scares me because I'm sure it would wash me out...

    Love your guys collaboration though!

  4. I've really been enjoying your collaboration. I also really like posts that show various brands categorized by shade/color. It boggles my mind how many lippies you and Wendy have in just one color!! I think I have like maybe six lip products total *blushes*

  5. @Cydonian: I was hoping that Barry M did an orange liner, but they let me down. Annoying seeing as they carry at least 4 orange lip products! Ah, its Orange Gina... I would call it Orange Gina Davis if I had it :S

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: I'm not sure if Peach looks weird on my skin or if I can't get over the colour itself. I'll have to find an eye look to go with it.

    @Kimberly: Some of these wash me out a little too, Orange and Hair Dye I need to be a little careful with. I don't know why I love orange so much!

    @Stephee: Thanks dude! I do have a lot of oranges but I was on an orange kick a while ago! I'm a bit of a lippy hoarder, I never wear any of them!

  6. You rock the orange lipstick chick! Love it!

  7. 82 Exotic looks really pretty. I don't think I have any orange lipstick or glosses. I may need to change that.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'm an orange lip fiend too! (although my collection sucks, yours is way better! lol) I'm hoping to launch my own mmu company this spring with (among other things) killer orange and gold lip products because I can't seem to find my holy grails.

    I've tried Fyrinnae's Lip Lustre in Hair Dye but it's a bit too pale and thin for me, might work better if I exfoliated and used some clear lip liner for a base? I don't have a lot of experience with lip products, I usually stick to lip balm and focus on my eyes but now that I've discovered orange and gold lippies I'm much more interested! ];)

    I really like the colour saturation of Makeup Forever's Aqua Creams in #10 - Orange ( I nipped a sample from Sephora, gorgeous colour but HATE the consistency on my lips, it says it's for lips but does not seem to want to be worn on them! It dries quickly, settles into lines and is generally uneven, crackly and horrid. One of the Sephora girls told me I just needed to exfoliate and try a clear lipliner with it, so there may be ways to improve the texture and I'm just doing it wrong out of ignorance. It does look great with a gold lip gloss over the top and if the texture issue was fixed I bet it would be simply luminous with a clear one to add some shine but not change the orange.

    My other favourite orange colour I've found so far is unfortunately also a terrible product - Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers in Tangerine Splash - gorgeous colour but it's a gross, sticky gloss with a heavy orange scent and it makes my lips go kind of numb and tingly - possibly from an excess of orange oil or something? (no ingredient list available to check) Again perhaps would fare better w/ exfoliation/base under but the numbness is a def. no-no - though layered over the aqua cream it's not quite as bad and the colour is delicious, just don't kiss anyone! lol

    I haven't tried them yet but Morgana Cryptoria has apparently the most amazing vegan lipsticks and carries 3 orange shades: Pumpkin Eater, 24 Karat Pumpkin and Shrieking Orange. ( 24 Karate Pumpkin has my eye, I'm fond of saturated oranges w/ gold.

    High Voltage Lip Candy in Kinky is probably my favourite of your swatches, it looks really nice on you! Anyhow, enough of my rambling lol Thanks for the comparisons and cheers!

  10. Ooo ooo i have the primark gloss! Its great to put on top of coral lippies! BM's Peach looks really good too! Im thinking of getting Morange but have no idea if itll suit me, i dont have any basic orange lippies. Oh well! Great post!

  11. Personally I don't think I could wear orange lipstick or gloss but I think this was a great post. Doing such an in detail comparison with so many shades, it's this kind of thing that makes you stand out from other bloggers, especially since you chose a product that's different that some people would shy away from without a little guidance.

  12. What fun! You have a lot of great orange lippies! I really like the Barry M Lip Paint in no 54 Peach and the High Voltage Lip Candy in Kinky. Even though I'm not sure I could ever pull either of them off!

  13. Lovely post- I'm a new follower :) I love me some orange lipstick! Do you have MAC Morange? It's my favorite. Revlon Siren from the Fire & Ice collection is pretty orange too, Revlon crush is a light brownish orange, Milani lip flash in flash light, and Milani Mandarina.

    I have Cosmopop and it's not as pretty as it seems. The color isn't as creamy orange as the swatch, more pale and washed out. It was pretty disappointing :(

  14. Oh, and I have an orange liner from Prestige- it was only .99 cents and it's pretty bright and pigmented.

  15. orange lippies are really pretty. and your lips are cute!

    btw check out my blog and holiday giveaway

  16. The Fyrinnae Lip Lustre is awesome. I usually hate Orange with a passion but that shade is quite nice. Now I have an itch to make a Fyrinnae order damnit.

  17. I love orange lips! I need to buy the peach barry m lip paint, it is tres sexy

  18. @MakeUp Zombie: Thanks dude! I'm trying to actually wear them all.

    @Darling Girl: Oooh make one, make one!

    @Sterling: I hate it when you find something that's an amazing colour but a shitty formula, it's so frustrating! I really do need to try Morganas lipsticks, I've heard sooo much about them and I really want to try Lush!

    @Aoife: I want to try Morange too! I'll have to google some swatches. If I try it I'll let you know!

    @Sabina: Aww, that's really flattering! Thankyou!

    @Dainty Darling Digits: Sucks about Cosmopop... At least I know not to buy it now. Out of all the LC things, that was the only one that tempted me. And I'll have to look on the Prestige stand, thankyou!

    @fruity lashes: Lol, you have fruity lashes and I have fruity lips!

    @MzStaceyD: I always have an itch to do that!

    @Caz: Gedditgedditgeddit!

  19. Om nom nom I love both the Barry M shades. My friend and I are slightly obsessed with orange lipstick, I own 3 almost identical shades and she just bought ES Ardour and is in love with it XD

  20. It's not orange as such more coral but you might like?

  21. @Silhoutte Screams: I want Ardour! I should have bought it with my last order but I bought a black one which I'll never wear so thought I'd better not!

    @Rach: Oooh yes, I've seen that! want!

  22. Thanks for swatching these! I've got (and love) Hair Dye - may need to add a couple more of these to my lip stash. :)

  23. Thank you so so much for swatching. :D
    I have both nyx femme and barry m in peach is on the way :D

    I would imagine barry m's peach as a warmer nude lip w/ smokey eyes .. :D

    But I'm gonna have to wait and see .. I also have a beauty addicted blog here: http:/ in case you want to check it out :)

    I'm following :)
    and thank you so much for swatching once again. I'm so glad I have that lippie on the way now <3

  24. i like that barry m peach, very retro 70s looking :D


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