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Friday, 17 June 2011

Purple make me lose my mind

Up in here, up in here....Just a quick LOTD for you guys today. I think I actually wore this last Friday - I just found the photos on my computer and I used a couple of shadows that I adore, so I thought I'd show it.

Lid: Evil Shades Lazy Daze
Crease/lower lashline: Inglot AMC 379
Outer V: High Voltage Heavy Metal
Inner corner/ Highlight: Sugarpill Lumi

Evil Shades  Pouty

Unnamed Barry M Lip Gloss Wand (one that came with Impulse spray)

The first photo was taken as I was heading to the pub, when I added a lot of Lumi to the inner corner. I got a sample of it in a giveaway prize from Annamax and hadn't used it yet, and lord help me because now I have to buy it. Also want to give Evil Shades 'Lazy Daze'  from the LE Summer Nights collection a shout out - it's a gorgeous, slightly sheer pale lilac with a hint of green duo - YUM. I'm also loving Pouty blush - I've been looking for ages for a perfect blush to wear with purple looks that isn't too cool and I think I may have found it. And it's matte, hooray!

How do you pair your eyeshadows with blush and lip colours? Do you have 'set' combinations that you go back to, a works-for-everything product or do you just wing it?


  1. I really love that blush! I think I definitely get into a rut and use the same combos o_o

  2. I've never really mastered figureing out how to match eyes/lips/cheeks. I always wing it. xD

  3. Oh god, now you've got that song stuck in my head! I love putting purple in the crease, once I over did it and had bright red lips as well and looked a bit like an 80's hooker in my leather jacket, but you've done it just right!

  4. Beautiful! Lazy Daze looks lovely!

  5. Aw I love Lumi I'm gonna have to buy it eventually!

  6. Pretty look!

    I do match the eyes to the lips, take today for example, I did a pink/black smokey eye and only one lipstick that I had went with it so thats what I wore. I normally just work out what will look good on the day though, nothing pre-planned x

  7. So pretty! I don't have anything set I do with eyes/cheeks/lips. I just try not to clash. ;)

  8. I don't bother pairing anything. Eyeshadow is a big day for me if I wear anything at all hahaha I'll have to ask Zelda and Ama how they do theirs someday. :)

    I like the purple look- it's very soft. :)

  9. When I wear dark or vibrant colored shadow I don't wer any blush or lipstick, except sometimes a neutral pink lipstick.

    I love these colors on you though, the lighter purple shades give a very soft effect.

  10. Beautiful look!

    When I wear dramatic eye make up, I usually like wear quite strong blush too. If I want a bit more natural look, I only use brown blush for contouring. Actually I usually wear lipsticks when experimenting with make up, but I like to go out with bare lips. :)

    (and if you really want me to sew a corset or something for you, just let me know, that would be great!)

    Jonna xx

  11. Mmmm....purple! Love the look! And the blush looks great!

  12. I agree with Vijii. I always wing it! I never know what to use with what :P

  13. Gorgeous, I love purple/lilac eye colours and they look great on you! :)
    I tend to wing it with what I use, what ever looks nice and is close to hand :P x

  14. so goergeous! Love your blog!Hey will you check out mine? If you follow I will return the favor! Thanks to much:)

  15. I looked at the full face photo and was like "oooooh I like the sparkly inner corner" and then when I read it was Lumi I stroked my invisible beard and thought "ahhh, she chose wisely". >:D

    As far as blush and lip colours go, I just do my eyes and try to visualise what will look best. I do have some set combos though, like coral lips and cheeks with golden eyes.

  16. Love purple eyes. I really just wing it with eye/blush/lip combos. When I was younger I used to tranny it up, but now I try to tone down lips if eyes are strong and vice versa, but I do love a bit, well a lot, of blush! x

  17. The purple shadows look absolutely fab on you and go so so so so so nicely with your hair color! Wing it all the way :)

  18. For eyeshadow/lip/blush combos, I just wing it up in here (can't you tell? LOL!) I don't really have half a clue what I am doing. You look super cute in the first picture! Nice job with the Evil Shades stuff! I'm dying to place an order!


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