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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lip Maths: Teachers are Fascists.

a squared plus b squared equals c squared....
...and it always does, so why bother doing the bloody equation in the first place?! I know the formula, ergo, I know the answer. Skip the homework man, I can pythogorate anything. I can do triangles. I'll find that missing length and stick it right up your hypotenuse.
Sadly one theorem I could not master was that of 'makeup plus school equals scrubbing your face with bog roll in the school toilets,' or what we eyeliner lovers referred to as Fascists Law.

 Shiro Intertubes in 'Leeroy Jenkins' + Gosh Light N Shine Lip Glaze in No 5 =

Yeah.... I'd have had to scrub this off as soon as I stepped foot in the school gates. Fascists.


  1. I was allowed to wear whatever makeup I wanted to school.

  2. Yeah... they made me scrub off my nail polish with white spirit... more than once. We weren't allowed any make-up or unusual hair but usually the teachers were too scared to enforce this with chavvy and/or popular girls. Gr! x

  3. omg glossy purple lip = LOVE. Is the no makeup thing an English school deal? We never really had restrictions, just on clothing being too short or revealing and "ostentatious hair colours".

  4. @Vijiis: *blows raspberry*

    @Ruthy: Ohhhh yes, don't get me started on the nail polish! My head of year KEPT MU WIPES IN HER OFFICE. No escape from her!

    @Cydonian: Well, we had to wear uniforms, and it was part of the uniform rules. Year 10 and 11 girls were allowed to wear neutral polish, which isn't black so I was screwed, and year 11 girls were allowed to wear natural makeup, which meant mascara and lipgloss, which wasn't shitloads of eyeliner, so I was screwed.

  5. I love Leeroy Jenkins, I must have it! It looks amazing with the gloss too! :D
    I went to a catholic school, so the rules were just bizarre. Any jewelry, any make up, any nail polish was met with wrath! I was often sent to the headmaster, but luckily he was really nice and would just ask me how I was and bitch about the rules, he was awesome! :) xx

  6. That looks hooot!

    My school banned a lot of makeup too, but I didn't really wear any besides a bit of eyeliner. Nowadays I see them coming out of there looking like Jodie fricking Marsh!

  7. Oooh wow that is just stunning! I was good at maths in high school somehow, now I don't remember or understand anything! Even simple addition leaves me blank.
    I never used to bother with makeup in school, I'd just trowel it on come the weekends. I did generally have stupid hair though, it wold be kind of taking the piss if I came in with half my head shaved and heavy punk makeup as well :P

  8. FAVOURITE COMBO EVERRRRRRRRR. Or thus far anyway ;]

  9. AWESOMEEEEE! I love the whole "glitter under glass" type of effect! Were you not allowed to wear makeup to school? I went to a Catholic school (against my will, lol) and wore cut up fishnets, band t-shirts with holes in them, had hair every colour of the rainbow, and plaid skirts that were WAY too short. Also I had enough black eyeliner on to sink a ship. There was a loosely enforced dress code, but I did well in school so my teachers just let me do what I wanted in the looks department.


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