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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pretty In Pink: My Pink Lip Product Collection

After our orange-red-purple swatch-o-rama, I got thinking about my lipstick collection and thinking I should swatch everything. It's something I like doing as it makes me re-evaluate my collection - really helpful at this low-but time of year. These aren't all my pinks as I have several more 'natural', my-lips-but-better shades, a few lip liners (boring) as well as several glosses that are sheerer, but I've omitted them or I'd never have finished this post!

-Nyx Round Lipstick in Narcissus

Light, bright, bubblegum pink! If you've read that it's a dupe for MAC St Germain - as I have about a bazillion places - well, I don't even own St Germain and I can tell you that it ain't. If you want a dupe for that, check here!

-Make Up Academy lipstick Shade 12

Rosy pink with lots of silver glitter. The glitter is a little gritty, but for £1 I think this is stunning. It has a slightly nasty, fibreglass-esque smell, which is a shame as the other lipstick in this range, while cheap smelling, at least smell slightly sweet! The scent fades once applied, though.

-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Lollipop-pop

Lovely light pink with blue reflect. A fave with Fyrinnae fans, perfect if you want something a little different but not too loud. This would be way up there for me if it weren't so close to my natural lip colour.

-Milani Rose Hip.

Bright as fook! I'm not sure this is available any more, which is a shame, especially if you're a fair skinned, blue-eyed babe. I have found a good alternative though, so read on!

-Nyc Ultra Last Lipstick in Blue Rose

Deep fuschia pink (promise it's not red!) with obvious blue undertones. Utterly gorgeous, bargain price. It does bleed a little, and the packaging is utter, utter crap. (The lid does not stay on if you give the tube the chance to rattle around at all - don't just sling it in your handbag!_ Even so, for £1.99, it is totally beautiful. It's supposed to be a good dupe for Morgana Azalea Blue - anyone?

-Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Bane

Bane looks purple but applies pink with blue/purple reflects - much like their eyeshadow Suffocation and Wicked Gloss of the same name, except more pigmented. I do need to buy a full tube of this!

-MAC Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre)

Ah, the infamous Gaga! I've never come across anything I think is a good dupe for this. There are plenty of milky bubblegum shades out there, but I think its the formula that makes this one a winner. I've been told it looks good on me, but I'm too scared to wear it for some reason!

-Make Up Academy lipstick Shade 3

Deep raspberry. Another winner for just £1, I find myself reaching for this on a lazy day with just a slick of liner and mascara. Apologies for the embarrassingly sloppy swatch!

-Collection2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in no 6. Bubblegum

Bright bubblegum with a purple undertone. Very pigmented, but slightly drying. Like all 'lasting' lippes, it's not one for dry lips, but for less than £3 for such a stonkingly bright shade, I'll forgive it its sins.

-Nyx Round Lipstick in Louisiana

Another hot raspberry, though lighter and less obviously blue-based than Make Up Academy shade 3. I marginally prefer the MUA colour but the formula is certainly nice.

-NYC Ultra Last Lipstick in Snowcone

I seem to have amassed several frosty pink lipsticks! What year do I think I'm in? This is the only one I actually like and wear, albeit once in a blue moon, thus the only one I've swatched.

-Fyrinnae Lip Luste in Devil Horns

Coppery/coral pink with pink shimmer. My utter favourite Lip Lustre - it's so flattering. If you've never tried one, try this one! Plus it smells of rum, hooray!

-E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss

Milky pink. These glosses are very strange - quite thick and pigmented, but not sticky. These have a really sweet taste, so steer clear if you're not into flavoured glosses. Most of the range are SPF 15 and they have some gorgeous colours - bargain for £1.50/$1.

-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Visual Kei

Despite being a lot brighter than Lollipop-Pop, I find myself reaching for Visual Kei more often. A lip lustre must have! (I should say here that I love the Lip Lustre formula, even though I know lots of people that they just don't work for. Please don't let a bad review put you off these - there are some on Make Up Alley, for example, that seem to be due to either a bad batch, or an old formula.)

-Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in In Vogue.

A reddish-pink with lots of hot pink sparkle. I've read it's a dupe for MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass. I have no idea how true this is, as I refuse to fork out for MAC glosses, but it's a fantastic quality gloss. You can see a couple of other dupes here on Itsliz89.

-NYX Ultra Last lipstick in Smooch

Rose Gold. I wasn't sure whether to include this here as it's so golden, but it deserved to be shown somewhere, so here it is! The forumla is a tad more drying than the other two NYC lipsticks I have here, but once it's on, it lasts and it's really is stunning.

-High Voltage Lip Candy in Heart of Glass

Another bright as hell rose pink! If you can't find Milani Rose Hip, this is a perfect alternative. This is slightly lighter than Rose Hip, but it's a pretty marginal, especially once on. I prefer the formula of Heart of Glass as the wear is fantastic and it's creamier - the only downside is that it's in a pot, not a bullet.

-Evil Shades Hardcore Lips in Not Your Barbie

This is the exact pink I remember Barbies box being! A fantastic pigmented gloss - I can't stop looking at it when I have it on! It's a little tricky to apply being that it's both thin and pigmented, but it is really, really worth it.

-Barry M Lip Paint in Touch Of Magic

A fuschia lip stain. This is the green lipstick that turns pink according to some alkali voodoo or whatever. I don't buy it, but it's a gorgeous stain that shows much brighter than this picture and lasts a good six to eight hours. I often apply it, wait until the colour takes, blot it all off and use it as a base for a pink gloss.

Lipsticks added after this point were posted after the original post.

High Voltage Lip Candy in Gagalicious

Super pale, slightly lilac-leaning pink. Really gorgeous, opaque colour that surprisingly, doesn't make me look corpse-y!

-Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Amped

As soon as Sleek brought out the matte version of these, I snapped this little pretty thing right up. Pretty decent matte forumla - everyone needs a shade like this!

-MAC Matte lipstick in Candy Yum Yum

Pretty similar to the above Sleek, but slightly more neon. I marginally prefer the MAC, but if you don't want to pay the silly, silly prices (which I didn't, and yet I end up with both?) go for the Sleek.

-Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Fearless

Gorgeous hot pink with a neon-undertone that glows under blacklight! Really unusual shade and total bargain at around three quid.

Well, that's most of my pinks, girls. Any favourites? I couldn't live without Make Up Academy shade 3, High Voltage Heart of Glass, Fyrinnae Devil Horns or Evil Shades Not Your Barbie! Any recommendations? I really want to try OCC Anime, MAC St Germain and Morgana Cryptoria Carnation!

Big pink kisses,

Robyn x


  1. totally getting that collection 2000 one!

  2. You are a lip swatching magician! lol Beautiful!! And you reminded me I have Narcissus too but was scared of it when I first bought it, but I've been working my way up the bubblegum pink list and I think I'm now comfortable enough to slap that baby on! yay!!

  3. C2000 'Bubblegum'looks AWESOME. Must check that out when I'm next in Boots! I have Evil Shades 'Not Your Barbie' on its way to me and I'm even more excited to get it now!

  4. Great post! Narcissus and Heart of Glass are my favorite out of the bunch.

  5. You pull Narcissus off really well. I look ridiculous when I try it, which I'm bummed about because I love the colour. I just have to admire it on others. :-(

  6. Oh man! I want Not Your Barbie and Heart of Glass. I was just at Walgreens yesterday and I saw a Milani Glitzy gloss that was a fuchsia, but I didn't pick it up because I didn't think it would be that pigmented, I should've gotten it!

    Thanks for posting!

  7. really lovely,

    wish I could pull off bright pinks as well as you

  8. Wowww such an awesome collection!! Love all:))

  9. Hey plz do come and follow my new website-

  10. You have an amazing collection! I really love that NYC berry colored one, if I have to pick a favorite. But a lot of them are really lovely! Try Gaga with a smokey eye, that's usually how I wear it (either grey/black or purples)

  11. Oh thanks so much, amazing swatches!
    Now I need Blue Rose, Bubblegum, all the lip lustres and Heart of Glass. I don't think High Voltage make their lip candies anymore though :(

  12. NYX has soo amazing color. :) I really like it.

  13. Great swatches... Rose Hip is so gorgeous--my fave of the bunch!

  14. those are amazing lipcolor!
    I almost love all of them..
    but my favorite is Evil Shades Hardcore Lips in Not Your Barbie and Nyx Round Lipstick in Narcissus

  15. Gorgeous colors! They are all amazing! I especially like the Mac Viva Glam Gaga. I love your blog...Following! :)

  16. ooooh, I love frosty pink lipstick! It is my guilty pleasure -- Btw, i love your front teeth, you are so lucky. They're striking against the pink lip colors! rock on


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