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Monday, 10 January 2011

Skip To The End...

Inspiration left you? Yea. Its more than I can do some days to think of two colours. Not even kidding. Luckily Twitter is almost there and Eplefe suggested green and white and Pixie suggested green and purple. I hate green as you all know (bwaaaaaaaahaha!) so these were a bit of a struggle:

Lid: Fyrinnae Blue Footed Booby
Crease and lower lashline: Fyrinnae Danse Macabre
Outer V: Dark green from Wet & Wild Cool as a Cucumber palette
Liner: Kryolan Aquacolours

Sleek blush in Rose Gold

Darling Girl Liquid Kisses in Delight

I LOVE this combo and look all round. I'm sure Eplefe had a more green and white shadow combo in mind but I really wanted to do white liner. I'd never actually worn Danse Macabre before, and shame on me because it is immense.

Lid: Living Dead Grrl Derby Wife
Crease: MUA Shade 9
Under Browbone: Living Dead Grrl Robot Club
Liner: Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Madame and Eve

Darling Girl blush in Fantasia

Gosh Light & Shine Lip Glaze in 05 (purple with purple and blue sparkles)

I normally go a green lid and purple crease when I do green and purple so I thought I'd change it up a wee bit.Robot Club looks a little washed out in this picture, which is a shame. Oh well, my mummy said she liked this look! :D

Lid: Living Dead Grrl Fantasy Bazaar
Crease: Living Dead Girl Skip To The End/Whip It
Under browbone: Robot Club
Highlight: Fyrinnae Moon Child (applied sparingly!)
Liner: Living Dead Grrl Heeello Brian

NYC Blushables Creme Stick in Pink Flash

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Shangri-La

I had to do a full look with my new Living Dead Grrl colours (review here) and unfortunately it was a quickie so it's nothing spectacular. But look how pretty Fantasy Bazaar is! Squee!

Lid: Hi-Fi Between the Stars
Crease: Darling Girl Making Merry
Liner: Darling Girl Honey Pot
Highlight: Matte pink from Wet & Wild Lust palette

The blending in the crease for this look really pissed me off - it was heading in the direction of Big Fat Fail so I left it. Irl, however, Making Merry and Between the Stars really compliment each other as the shift is quite similar. I also wore Making Merry on the lid with a neon pink crease and Evil Shades Suffocation as a highlight but it wouldn't photograph! Waaaa! :(

I have some pretty things coming in the mail for me hopefully this week, which means some more reviews and swatches for y'all. As I'm sure some of you know, there's going to be a biiig eyeshadow swatch collab (where I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to, but probably will swatch ALL my greens because I can't leave any out) and I'm working on swatching my lip product collection too. Also I have a day off this week so I can do a fun, ker-azy look too!

<3 Robyn


  1. I didn't really have anything specific in mind, but I sure didn't see this coming! It's gorgeous, though. Love love love white liner, and you look amazing with it. Heartheartheart. ^_^

  2. Love all of them as usual, but the bottom one is my fave! Something about the combo of the colours is really gorgeous :)

  3. When I saw "Skip to the End" I thought of Spaced!

    Dude, these combos are gorgeous!

  4. When I saw Skip to the End, I thought Futureheads. Then Spaced. So sue me :P

    I really really like the third one :)

  5. Why do you hate green?? It looks amazeballs on you! Also so jealous of your 'thinking of kickass colour combos' power lady :)

  6. I really liked the first and third looks! I thought the third one went great with your hair.

  7. I love all of them!! The first one looks so great with your red hair!! I also love the purple liner!

  8. Omg gorgeous! Ur blending is so on point..I luv the white liner but my fa is the third is such a beautiful color combo

  9. Danse Macabre is sstunning, but I really like the last look the best! It's so pretty!

  10. I loved the last look! Reminds me of Mardi Gras! :)

  11. I love the green look! Such a pretty shade.

  12. I love the green and purple, and the full Living Dead Grrl looks! Pretty!

  13. All gorgeous but I LOVE that second one! So pretty xx

  14. All look really fab but my favourite on you is the green! You're a fool to hate green, it looks gorgeous on you :)

  15. These are awesome looks. I love the purple and green one. :)

  16. I looove lovelove the second and last ones!

  17. Love these colour combinations, lovely! x

  18. Love these looks, im still new to using more then one shadow so its still scary! Love what you did with these thou

  19. @ Eplefe: I never would have thought to do that before, but I'm gonna do it again!

    @ Cydonian I wasn't happy with my blending but I loved the combo too!

    @Make Up Zombie: You know Spaced?! Yay!

    @liquoredonlacquer Aw, merci! :D

    @ RaeRae: I think the general geeky spirit excuses you! :P

    @Aoife: Lol, I don't hate green, I LOVE it!

    @ Stephtee: Aw, thanks! I do like green with my hair, I must admit.

    @Makeup By LisaMarie: Aw, thanks! I've been loving the purple liner lately!

    @Jess: I think the third is my favouritetoo!
    10 January 2011 16:39

    @eRiN said: :) I really can't believe I'd not used Danse Macabre yet!

    @Erica: Wooo, Mardi Gras!

    @MzStaceyD: Why thankyou!

    @Ania said: Thanks so much!

    @kathyeffingjacobs: Cheers dude. I was really excited to use Living Dead Grrl for a whole look!

    @Sylvieee: I was pretty pleased with that one too, it came out pretty much as I wanted it for a change!

    @Lillian Funny Face: I was joking, I LOVE a bit of green! Face-wise, that is!

    @Kimberly: Thankyou darling!

    @Heather / Eyeconic: ^__^

    @VampiressDoll: Aw, thanks, thats really flattering coming from you!

    @Rach: Thankyou! You do get used to using more than one shadow quite quickly, it is a bit scary though at first!

  20. just saw your blog..and i love it are looking sooooo cute honey...i'm following you...checkout my site it'll be so sweet if you follow me too.

  21. The 2nd look is stunning thought the 1st one is great too! Greens are massive! ;-)


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