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Friday, 21 January 2011

Swatch Dump: Evil Shades and Fyrinnae

Loath as I am to dedicate one swatch post to two companies, I think anything specific I have to say about them might be a bit redundant by now, plus I am going on holiday tomorrow and I have PRETTIES to show you!


Leopard Print Galaxy (Arcane Magic), Strip Poker, Electric Stardust (Arcane Magic), Tapir, STFU.

Bite Me, Feline Familiars, Fire Opal.

Okinawa Beauty Lip Lustre

Reincarnation Lip Lustre.

Romantique Lip Lustre.

Buggering, uncapturable Arcana Magic shades - Leopard-Print Galaxy is stunningly complex and beautiful and of course I couldn't capture it! My favourites from the bunch have to be Fire Opal and Electric Stardust. I'm a sucker for a light, sparkly green and this one is so beautiful

Okinawa Beauty is a bit high maintenance, and also I have no idea where or how to wear it, although it would look good applied sheerly, too. I also bought a tube of Pixie Epoxy, and praise the Lawd, my order came on the day I'd run out! If you've never tried PE, Fyrinnae do sell sample pots, one of which lasted me... er, well, bloody ages. And I use it for swatches. You really do need a miniscule amount.

Evil Shades:

Filigree, Wyvern, Slyph, Lucia.

Devilista Deviant Lipstick

Fateful Deviant Lipstick.

'Not Your Barbie' Hardcore Lips

I went with the excellent value Winks n Kisses set - you get two Deviant Lipsticks and three shadows (Filigree was a free sample - a massive clamshell full! - and the Hardcore Lips I got separately.)I'd been wanting Wyvern for a while so was glad to finally snap that up. Filigree is stunning - I almost bought it, so was very happy to get it as a sample.

Andrea suggested Fateful to me when I asked on Twitter where I could get a black lipstick that is actually black and won't cost me the earth. I didn't even think of Evil Shades - duh. Anyway, if you're after a good but cheap black, get this one! The purple sparkles in it are subtle but beautiful.

I haven't had time to really do much make-up this week, but I really wanted to try Strip Poker:

Lid: Fyrinnae Strip Poker
Under Browbone: Evil Shades Sylph:
Crease: Fyrinnae Digital Faerie
Lower Lashline: Fyrinnae Digital Faerie
Liner: Collection 2000 Extreme liner in Teal, Sleek Dip It! glitter liner in Carribean

Well, kids, that's all from me for a while as I'm off on snowboarding for a week! I have some more time off when I get back and I'm gagging to do some more creative looks so expect a couple from me when I return.

Keep a look out for my amazing guest bloggers! See you sooooon!


  1. ohh Reincarnation and Romantique Lip Lustres are so pretty! Will need to order those when Fyrinnae opens back up.

  2. Oh god it's all so beautiful! I need more makeup! ... Actually no, I really don't.

  3. I think I'm getting strip poker on my next Fyrinnae buy. And I really need to try evil shades, those lipsticks look amazing!

  4. I love everything you posted especially that top lip gloss pic. And I love the name of that one color--STFU!

    Hope you're having a great time in the snow.


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