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Thursday, 6 January 2011

First Look: Living Dead Grrl - Makeup to Die For!

Lyndsay from new BRITISH indie cosmetics company Living Dead Grrl contacted me last week explaining all about her new company and asking if I would like some samples to review. I took a look at the site and was pretty much sold - a long-time blog reader and 'token goth' who is self confessedly opposed to repackaging and bored of waiting for awesome indie make-up from the States creating her own indie makeup? Yeah, I'm down with that.

There are currently four shadow collections available from Living Dead Grrl: Spaced, So I Married An Axe Murderer, The Cure Disintegration Collection and the Roller Derby Collection. A good sample across the freaks n' geeks board, I'd say.

Anyway, Here Be Eyeshadows:

Samples, two full sized, business card with cute note from Lyndsay.

The Spaced Collection. L-R: Skip To The End, Heeello Brian, Robot Club, Fantasy Bazaar.

First of all: I LOVED SPACED. (If you haven't seen it... Oh, god. Just.... wha? Go There!) I sifted through the samples I received to check these out first - you'll notice I didn't swatch the other colours in their collections. Ooops! Fantasy Bazaar is my favourite of the quad. It's really vibrant and pretty, and I don't have another gold that leans this yellow. Fried Gold ;)

L-R: Mrs X (So I Married An Axe Murderer), Passing the Star (Roller Derby), Being Electrocuted (SIMAAM), Lullaby (Cure Disintegration.)

Of these, Being Electrocuted and Lullaby are my favourites - Lullaby is a beautiful soft grey with multi-coloured shift. Mrs X and Passing the Star are colours that I do have similar versions of from other companies - although Mrs X leans more a little more plum that other metallic indie reds I have and Passing the Star has gold and silver sparkles which makes it unique to my collection.

L-R: The Same Deep Water As You (Cure), Whip It (Roller Derby), Fascination Street (Cure), Derby Wife (Roller Derby.)

Oooh, I want to wear all of these together! Whip It is a fantastic green with a gold shift and Derby Wife is like a more purple version of Evil Shades Suffocation. I love that I'm thinking of things I can pair these with already - a good sign in my book.

L-R: Lead Jammer (Roller Derby), That's A Fact! (IMAAM), Woooman (IMAAM.)

Lead Jammer is great - we all have a black with multi-coloured sparkles but this is a grey! Hooray. Lyndsay was king enough to send me full sizes of That's A Fact and Woooman after I said I like them, which was very sweet of her and I'm glad as they are both gorgeous. You can't tell, but That's A Fact has lovely orange sparkles.

The Boring Stuff:

-Full Sizes are £3.50, samples are £1.00 for 1/4 tsp. A collection costs £12.00, so you get a decent saving.
-Full Sizes are packaged in 5g square sifter jars. My jars were secure - no leakage.
-Flat rate shipping cost of £1.99.
-Does not currently ship outside of UK.
-Living Dead Grrl uses Etsy as a shopfront, so simple and easy.
-All shadows are clearly labelled as to whether they are vegan or not, as well as whether they are eyes and lip safe. I.e., Skip To The End reads: Eye, Face and Nail Safe. Not Lip Safe. Vegan.
-Ingredients listed clearly on etsy listings.

I got sent everything you see here by Lyndsay for review purposes which does not change my opinion of the products. It also means I can't say too much about her customer service as *technically* I'm not a customer, but she comes across as fun, professional and passionate, which all point to 'awesome' in my book. I'm excited to see where Living Dead Grrl goes next!

You can follow Living Dead Grrl on FaceBook and Twitter.

<3 Robyn


  1. OOO I love the company name. (obviously!) Those colors look great!

  2. Looks really great, just sucks they don't send to Finland even if I have a possibility to order to UK and then pick it up in few months :D Might have to order from them...

  3. Oooh, I can't wait for my sample set to get through my postbox, I am so chuffed we've now got a UK indie, and your swatches are fab, really really looking forward to try them now :)

  4. What a cow..naming eye shadows after cure songs so that I HAVE to buy them all regardless of whether I need/want them because I am a shameless name whore. SIGH.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words. I really am touched!

    Your swatches put mine to shame! I am working on them but glad people will be able to see better pics on your blog!

    So happy that you like the shadows so far. Thank you again for all your feedback



  6. These look so lovely. I'm intrigued.

  7. Everything looks so awesome, I came across them awhile back and was so sad to see they don't ship outside the UK! Good for you guys though!

  8. @Makeup Zombie: It does make me think of you, not gonna lie!

    @Duvessa: It is a shame but I can see why as its a new company. Hopefully soon!

    @Martian Delights: You're UK too? Oh, stupid me! Hope you like everything.

    @Caz: Yeah, I need to get full sized Space collection. I JUST HAVE TO.

    @Living Dead Grrl: No worries :) I was lucky to get half decent swatches, luckily I have a decent light bulb atm :S

    @Julianne: Yea, for a first set of colours I'm really impressed!

    @Kimberly: Aw, shush you, you have all the companies! Let us have one!

  9. It all looks lovely! It's nice to see a UK based company. Great colours. So many damn great looking indie companies to try :P

  10. I love Lindsay, she used to have a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Omg Fantasy Bazaar and Woooman look so pretty :D *steals* Aus needs to have awesome indie companies!

  12. Those colors look like fun. Too bad she doesn't ship stateside.

  13. Everything looks lovely! So excited to have a UK indie makeup company now :D

  14. Oh, lovely! My favorites are Skip to the End, Whip, and Woooman! I'm glad y'all have a UK indie makeup company, definitely seems like most of the ones I've come across are US-based, and I know it's frustrating when they won't ship abroad (or it's super expensive for int'l shipping). So I won't bitch too much about waiting for Living Dead Grrl to ship internationally for *me*. ;) Thanks for the swatches!

  15. Wow those swatches look gorgeous! I've never heard of the brand before, but you've made me want to try more!

  16. So glad I found these - and your blog! Must try them out soon xx


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