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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Darling Girl Love Week Day Seven: Holo Gloss Swatches

I love me some Darling Girl Holo Glosses! Rather than explain them myself I'm going to shamelessly pinch their description:
'Holo-glosses are perfect for the ladies who don’t like a lot of color but still want something a little special to wear. While these are sheer shades they have a fantastic sheen/finish to them… I think these will be great for ladies who don’t really like a colored gloss or lipstick but still want something a little special to put on.'

                                                             Darling Girl Cosmetics
I can't agree with that more. How these differ from sheer glosses are the gorgeous glitters in them... they give a really beautiful effect. I know that Susan wanted these to be similar to the Lorac 3D glosses, but I don't really know much about those.

What I do know is that these are a bugger to capture. I've shown them alone, and over a vaguely corresponding lip colour.

Gold Finger:

 Gold Finger alone.
Goldfinger worn over NYX Smooch (metallic finish)

Sheer gloss with lots of gold shimmers. I see a tiny hint of pink there too, but that could be just me. Absolutely wonderful for layering, or on it's own it's a great alternative to a nude gloss. This is the one I probably wear the most out of the ones that I have.

Jar Of Hearts:

 Jar of Hearts alone.
 Worn over Sleek Mystic (matte finish.)

I love wearing this one alone - if you're scared of purples this might be a good place to start. I kind of want to roll in a vat of it to be honest.

Raining Blood:

 Raining Blood alone.
 Over Evil Shades Corset (there's a slight gloss to Corset.)

Om nom nom. A great colour for wearing alone with dark eyes for a vampy look. And also... look at it over Corset. Om nom nom.

Tiger Lily:

 Tiger Lily alone.
Over Rimmel Kiss Me (matte finish.)

I love the copper reflects in this one. Super pretty, a great summer colour. I've been wearing this with blue eyeshadows - garish and 80's, but also really tropical and pretty. Well. I think so anyway.

Wish You Were Here:
 Wish You Were Here alone.
Over MAC Candy Yum Yum (matte finish.)

Simple sheer pink with silver and gold glitters. Not the most exciting out of the collection when you look at it in the tube, but it's super versatile and so girly! I really like the hint of pink it gives to the lips - I don't wear pink that often and this is a really easy and pretty way to wear it.

Basically... I need to catch 'em all. Jaded, Blue Suede Shoes and Raspberry Beret are next on my list though! Any more recommendations?


  1. ARGH need to place another order (not that I've even received my first one yet :P) for Jar of Hearts!

  2. I really need to order them all! i only have Hot in the city and a sample of Blue suede shoes and I love them.

  3. Wow, i like the shimmer..
    it's nice and it does not have that watery oily look just simple shine and shimmer..

  4. Hi - i'm a new follower :) I have only Jar of Heart till now and definitely love it! Will need to try more for sure!

  5. that was some really nice swatches. I really liked the second one, with goldfinger and NYX smootch! and that over evil shades corset is such an autumns colour!

  6. I have Jar of Hearts as well and I love it! I totally agree that if you are scared of purples but wanna wear them, it's a great place to start.

  7. Oh wow, these are all really beautiful!

  8. OMG I love all my DGC glosses!! Seriously, Last Dance is freakin' incredible--a total glitterbomb but soooo gorgeous! I love Zombie & Banshee (for purples), Raining Blood and Hot in the City, Bashful (a very pretty nude shimmer), but my absolute fav is a Liquid Kiss Luxe by the name of Fenix--it has taken up permanent residence in my purse <3

  9. I love that first combo, and I need Tiger Lily!

  10. These look beautiful, I really love Jar of Hearts. I MUST order from DG soon, make me!

  11. Neat post, these look like they're just awesome for layering! My favourite is Raining Blood over Corset! OH YES!


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