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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sleek Circus Palette Tutorial

I promised Rachael from The Beauty Spot  I’d do a Circus palette tutorial for her, and I’m not a liar so here it is! If you don’t have the Circus palette, you could do something similar with the Acid palette instead and substitute the purple on the lashline for black. You could also do something really similar with the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette if you have that as well.



This look is really simple with fairly minimal blending.  I actually only used two brushes, a flat shadow brush and a slightly fluffy pencil brush! Letsch get schtarted….

First, I primed my eyes with my normal primer (I use Urban Decay Primer Potion) to prevent creasing and then I applied a cream shadow (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) very lightly all over the lid, inner corner and lower lashline. Use this sparingly, as if you use too much it can crease.


Then I took the purpley-pink from the top right hand corner of the palette (Pretty, innit?) and packed it on with a flat shader brush on the outer two thirds of the lid.

Wiping the flat shader brush clean (I flicked off any pigment and then wiped it on a tissue), I then applied the yellow onto the inner corner of the eyes. You’ll need to go over this a couple of times to build up the colour depth – yellow can be a bit of a bugger sometimes.

I swept the yellow colour lightly inwards, with the shader bush, to blend it with the pink and then drew in toward my crease with a pencil brush with the yellow, stopping about halfway.

Using the same brush I then applied the orange to the outer half of my crease, blending the harsh line between the orange and yellow above where I blended the pink and yellow. Make sure you bring the orange around the outside of the eye and stop around where your waterlines meet.

Clean off your pencil brush again and apply the deep, metallic purple from the palette to your lower lashline. It might take a few times to build up the depth with this shade and you will get some fallout so be careful – if you’ve already applied your foundation pop a bit of powder under the eye and you can sweep it all away again afterwards. Then line your upper lashline with the purple. I went in on the top with my flat shader brush as it’s thinner, but that's just my preference.


Line your waterline in black pencil and set it with the black from the palette. Add a little black to the corners of your lashlines if you want to – if you are just using two brushes, make sure you only use one for the black as it’s hard to get off your brushes quickly and you’ll need a clean one for the next step.


I forgot to take a separate photo for these two stages, but take the white on the fluffier of your brushes and just go over the edges of the orange and yellow slightly so they don’t look so harsh. Add a little more white under the browbone, bung your eyebrows and a truckload of mascara on and you’re done!

I finished the look with a light peach cream blusher on the cheeks and lips, but you can go as bright as you want! If you want to keep it all Sleek, Pinkini Pout Paint would look awesome!

Let me know if you guys try it out!


  1. Gorgeous. I wish I could do a smokey liner as well as you! xx

  2. This is a lovely look! I'd try it out if I had either of those palettes but I don't but I'll see if I have something similar lying around :) Yellow is the colour I use the least, I think, probably because whenever I would paint in school, my yellow would get ruined due to me not being clean enough with my brushes and what not and for some reason, I still have this aversion to yellow.Hmmmm...I should probably do something about that :P xx

  3. I love it! Bright colors FTW :-D

  4. This is lovely, that yellow looks great!

  5. this little bad boy is getting on my lids this week. i cant believe i am saying this but the first minute i saw this palette, i hated it. I found it childish (the colour of the case) and ridiculous. One swipe though and i was in love. gorgeous gorgeous matte and if i wasnt typing this comment right now, I would be playing with it right now. gorgeous tutorial xx You have one of the prettiest eyes in the planet x

  6. You make this look so easy! Very pretty bright look!

  7. This is gorgeous! Great tutorial, I'll have to give it a go... if I can find my Circus palette :(

  8. This look is absolutely amazing! I love it. The Circus palette is fantastic. Great tutorial, it's very interesting to watch how others put their shadows on! Excellent job;)

  9. I love this! May have to break out the Circus Palette and give this a go.

  10. Ok, that's amazing. Very pretty! I love looking at the really colorful looks people put together. I envy your precision. :)

  11. I am totally busting out my Sugarpill Burning Heart palette and doing this :)

  12. Awesome tutorial, I really think you should post more as you actually know what you are doing! I am in awe of your brow skills!


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