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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Silk Naturals Lip Products: Review and Swatches

Recently the ladies at Silk Naturals contacted me and asked if I’d like to try some of their products. Having been looking at some of Phyrra’s swatches that same day, I said yes and a week later, a parcel of lipstick dropped on my doormat. Hurrah!

Ohhhh, am I ashamed of myself. I managed to stain Roxie by putting in the pocket of my new black jeans, which them got soaked… and I put the bottom one in a tiny weeny pocket… with my key. Silly me. Everything else has held up to my abuse very well though!

Silk Naturals carry lipsticks, balms, tinted balms, stains and plumper-style balms. I’ve got five of their formulas to take a butchers at, so let’s dive right in.

Lip Stain in Roxie and Doll



                                                                        Silk Naturals ‘Doll’ on the left, Benefit Benetint on the right.
Roxie is a deep brown (gorgeous! I really like browns on me and this isn’t too early 90’s Friends extra brown) and Doll is a lovely fuchsia-pink. At first I thought it was similar to Benetint, but as you can see Benetint is more rosy and has a much more watery consistency. This kicks Benetints ass as it actually stains and gives me a colour on my lips which the Benetint does not.

After dinner, a glass of juice and (not going to lie) a bit of a snog, Roxie held up pretty well. It was a bit of a lipstick ‘ring’ situation. Without eating these seem to last indefinitely but my lips feel dry toward the end of the day. Pretty pleased with these all in all and would recommend them, although I would also tell you to exfoliate your lips before applying, which as you may be able to tell I did not. I also need to try patting them on with my finger as I’m not sure that the hard edges the doe foot gives you quite work with the look of a stain. That's down to my application though, I'm sure.

Organic Lipstick in Bombshell


Gorgeous, huh? Pretty much in love with this one. It’s a very glossy formula, blue-leaning enough to be nice and vampy and very pigmented. I’d perhaps recommend a liner with this one if you’re a bit fussy with your red lips, as it’s not very long lasting. I’d certainly check out more of these.
Vegans take note, this is vegan!

Amplifying Lip Glaze in Pretty Please


I always worry that plumping products will be super-stingy, but this one is just tingly and has a pleasant peppermint smell. Some peppermint in lip products can be synthetic smelling but this is quite nice.

I love the colour of this – more often than not I wear peach blushes, so this is a perfect everyday colour for me. Very interested in Glacier, though, which is a sheer teal, and Fanfare and Blaze. Mmmmm, orange. Really enjoying everything I received from SN,  but this is my favourite of the bunch by far. I just love it.
Kisser Slicker Flavoured Lip Gloss in Nectar


Kisser Slickers are their most moisturising glossy formula. There’s over 45 shades of these so… lots of choice there! This is supposedly a dupe for Clinque Black Honey…. *crickets*. As I’ve noted, I like a shade with a hint of brown to it –this is a nice browny-red neutral – I wore with just mascara and liner on a lazy day and still felt nice and polished. Has a light, sweet coconut smell and taste.

Buttercream Lip Glaze in Hibiscus


Sadly I suspect this is not as edible as actual buttercream (which I find extremely edible). These are billed as ‘creamy, long lasting color plus a bit of shine.’ It’s hard to compare this to the Kisser Slicker as I only have one of each, but I’d say this is a little less pigmented than the Kisser Slickers? I find them fairly similar on the lips, but this one doesn’t have a taste.
This is a glossy, sheer hot pink. I’m finding it quite moisturizing as well – it’s a lovely tinted balm.

A few notes on the website, as Silk Naturals is new to me. There is a LOT of information there. Each lip product is rated on its formula, colour family, tone, finish, shimmer scale, depth of colour, opacity, and whether it’s gluten or dye-free. There’s also a related product tab so you can see what other products they have that will go with that lip product. I don’t think that that would necessarily work for a company that does a lot of more out-there colours, but I really think it works on this site and it’s a nice touch. With my package, I got a pamphlet with all their products ingredients (which is good as they’re not on the packaging) and instructions regarding mixing their mineral foundations.

In in all, lovely colours, nice packaging and formulas, and good, easy to navigate website with lots of info.  Most of the lip products are just under $5, and while I’d like personally some more out-there lip colours – an purple  in the Organic range would be cool! - I don’t really have anything negative to say about what I received at all, and I’d certainly purchase from Silk Naturals.

Do you wear Silk Naturals? Any recommendations?


  1. 'Pretty Please' and 'Bombshell' look amazing. I keep meaning to place a silk Naturals order, but somehow never get around to it *silly me* Definitely have my eye on the nudey lippies though!

  2. Lots of pretty lippies! I haven't ordered from SN in a while. However, everything I have ever tried from them has always impressed me. I know there are a lot of SN fans out there!

  3. I'm a big fan of SN lippies. Wistaria buttercream and Shrieking Violet liquid gloss are two of my absolute favorite lip products. They aren't in your face purples, but both do lean that way :)

  4. Great review! I have been very pleased ordering some brushes and eyeshadows from Silk Naturals! Very affordable and has an amazing collection available! I haven't tried their lip products as I don't wear them very often!

  5. Yay! Lip swatches are my favorite! They really do have a huge range of lip products. I haven't tried anything from Silk Naturals, but I really need to. It's just an issue of lots of shit I want and not a lot of the shit you use to buy it, haha.

  6. I've been using Silk Naturals products from their early days & have always found the service and products to be excellent. The buttercream lippies are my favorite. I highly recommend their skin care too - if you want beautiful skin and are getting a bit older then the Awesome Sauce is a must try.

  7. I've been trying to limit my spending but these swatches are sooo tempting!

  8. Ahh I really need to try some Silk Naturals (and a bunch of other brands!) Doll and Bombshell are lovely! You've got great lips :)

  9. Bombshell looks divine! *grabby hands*

  10. Bombshell! I MUST HAVE IT! It's the perfect red, really deep and rich!

  11. Awesome review, I was wondering about the lip products! I have tried several of their eyeshadows and was impressed by the excellent quality and customer service. I will be definitely trying out the Organic Lipsticks.


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