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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Looking Back: Evil Shades

Evil Shades were the first indie makeup company I bought from. I was chatting about then with the Makeup Heroes girls and I decided it was about time I dug out my favourite Evil Shades shadow, Zombie:

Pretty, huh? This is an awesome shade if you have blue eyes, as well as a great crease colour for purple looks, and a cool liner shade.

While I was digging through my stash to look for Zombie, I noticed how the packaging for Evil Shades has changed.

When I first purchased from them, the packaging was really basic....

...then, it got a little more fancy. Special collections got their own stickers and the skullerfly made an appearance! Clamshells were also introduced for samples at some point.
Lipstick labels got prettier...

...and more recently, everything has moved to this gorgeously cute little goth girl who I love! Lipsticks also come in slimmer tubes now, which is a win!

D'aww, little trip down memory lane. Just me? Okay...
Since I first purchased from Evil Shades they've come up with tons of different stuff, discontinued some old stuff and brought out loads of stuff I still need to get my butt in gear and try! If you're new to them, I'd recommend Corset, Primrose Path, Devilista and Fearless lippies, Ravishing and Atomic for blush, and Zombie, Gift River, Suffocation and Heartless Queen (an awesome red!) for shadows.

Well, I'm lemming more Evil Shades right now! You can follow Evil Shades on twitter @EvilShades6, and the store is here

Who was the first indie company you bought from? Do you still purchase from them?


  1. Great post! Love the look! I have blue eyes, I'll try this out with a similar shade!

    Shiro Cosmetics was my first IMC - a friend purchased Zelda and Ocarina and Puzzle Cube for me, and one brush. That's it! Then I exploded into the world of makeup. I haven't purchased from Shiro in a few months (erm, I have almost everything?) but when she releases new Intertubes I will!!

  2. I have some of this old stuff too :D! Hmm first was Fyrinnae love the stuff but havent been back for a while

  3. I'm waiting for my first Evil Shades order :D

    My first indie order I think was Pure Luxe... meh.

  4. On the great post! Great makeup!
    Sorry for bad English:)

  5. My first was silk naturals! And I haven't bought from them in a whhile - should probably go back and get some stuff :D

    Evil shades is now on my 'have to try asap' list!

  6. The first indie company I bought from was Fyrinnae. I really like their eyeshadows, but I've only placed that first order with them. I have so many other companies to try (I just placed my first order with Evil Shades!) that I just haven't been back. Plus, they're always closed when I check, haha.

  7. I've yet to buy from any indie companies though I've always wanted to. I'm thinking about purchasing some Madd Cosmetics in the near future.

  8. oooh, i think i will have to get this or something similar

  9. My first indie purchase was Aromaleigh! However it was her going out of business sale. Had I realized what I was on the cusp of, I would have purchased a LOT more.

    My second order was Evil Shades, I believe...Third was Silk Naturals. I could have that backwards, but those were definitely the first three. I haven't bought from any of them recently. Some for obvious reasons, others because I just forget. There are a lot of really great indie companies out right now and it's hard to choose who to give my money to! :)

  10. 1) Zombie is an awesome name for an eyeshadow. That alone would make me purchase it, LOL.
    2) And it's a gorgeous, rich color! That would look really lovely with green and brown eyes as well, methinks!

  11. Have you tried any of the spectrum pots? I have been considering it for a while, I need some good bright base colours.

  12. Yay Evil Shades and Zombie! <3 your EOTD is prettay.

    Silk Naturals were the very first I ever bought from, but that was more for the cheap MAC dupes when I was a little n00bling. I think Evil Shades were the first indie I *really* got into, when I started appreciating indie makeup.

  13. I've never tried evil shades. My first was aromaleigh. I'll have to go check them out because I'll be honest: I want one of those super cute containers in my collection. Just to peak behind stuff, if anything. ;)

  14. I love Evil Shades, the lipsticks and the blush are fantastic! :D I need to pick up Devilista in my next order. I think my first indie company was Shiro, got to love those Intertubes :) xx

  15. You know what? The first one I tried was Evil Shades! I still love them, and I'm going to get more stuff! Also, the owner is such a nice lady which makes them even more awesome! Zombie is a great colour.


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