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Monday, 22 August 2011

Playing with Water Decals

I've seen water decals on a lot of nail blogs and You Tube channels and always thought they were adorable. They remind me of the stick on tattoos that you'd get in sweet packets (and, er, lick to stick on your arm. Just me? Liars.)

This set
was sent to me for review by Born Pretty, which has 10 bajillion nail art things on it. It costs just over $4, but there are also tons of designs on eBay, including full nail designs, starting from about £1 so they're pretty inexpensive. I've just bought these corset ones and am lusting over all the French tip ones. Not so much the JLS ones though!

These are super easy to use - at least in theory. You put cut them out, take them off the plastic backing, soak them in water for around 30 seconds, slide them onto your finger and then place them onto your nail. I followed Leanne's tutorial here. Where I had trouble was placing them neatly onto my nail. I started using tweezers to place them after the first two times, which is fiddly and you can rip the decals, but in my opinion, its better than wonky nail art. I might try putting them onto the rubber Konad stamps next time as well.

Edit: ndrcvrngl tells me that coating your tweezers with wax helps to stop them tearing the decals.


-Tons of designs
-Wear as long as your top coat does
- They sit flat on your nail


-A wee bit fiddly
-Some of the decals I recieved are enormous - not a massive con to me, but if you have tiny hands it is!
-Can't really wear them over dark polish as it will show through the decal.

Have you tried water decals? What nail art have you been sporting lately?


  1. AW THE LUCKY CAT! These look mega cute (and great for folk like me who suck at nail art haha). I might actually buy the JLS ones for my sister :S

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  3. Those look so cute! Makes me wish that I actually had nails :)

  4. I love these! I haven't tried water decals in forever, so I think I'll have to take a go at them again. What I did (because I used tweezers, as well), was dipped my tweezers in a bit of candle wax to coat them. Helped with the tearing, at least for me!

  5. Love the hello kitty ones not sure if I could deal with the fiddle thou

  6. These products would be helpful to those afflicted with clumsy, shaky, can't draw syndrome. Aka me. I just really want Hello Kitty staring at me from my cuticles all day. CUTE-ICALS. Oh god. That's enough, I'm sorry.

  7. Cute. Even so I am lusting after konad stamps still. Argh. Maybe next month!

  8. I love decals! I have a bunch, but I haven't used 'em in AGES since getting my Konad/Bundle Monster stamps... Though, there's NO reason they both can't be combined together!! :D

    I love Hello Kitty though!! I put them on my nails with just my fingers though... I find sliding them off the paper and onto a pad of my index finger works really well in placing them, because they don't wrinkle!

  9. These are pretty nifty! I love the corset ones and the little fat kitties are way too cute! I would certainly f*** this up royally if I ever tried it, lol!


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