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Monday, 15 October 2012

Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette Love

I was intending this to be a super-huge-mega-awesome post about how awesome Heartbreaker is with eleventy billion looks using it, but I’ve been sick and busy (both separately and at the same time, joy) and I’ve not blogged for a week, so just two looks using the palette today.


This is my favourite look I’ve done for a long, long time!

Sugarpill Heartbreaker
sugarpillheartbreaker 3


I used just shadows from Heartbreaker for the look, but I used different coloured bases – a blue base on the lower lashline and a green on lid.

heartbreaker blues 2
Heartbreaker Blues

Again, I only used shadows from the palette, with the exception of the highlight colour which is from MUA Glamour Days palette. I wasn’t happy with this look at all because it was so fast, but I still though the colours were pretty and a ncie placement even though the execution is crappy.

sugarpill swatches

Apologies for the rubbish phone picture (if YOU can find my memory card, be my guest) but what I’m trying to get across here is how I LOVE how well the colours all blend together in this palette – Velocity and 2am, the blue and the purple, blend together to make a much deeper, cool purple which to be honest looks quite like Poison plum (handy if you’re a PP fan but don’t want to pull a different palette out!). I love how Acidberry and Mochi layer together as well – you can see the gorgeous colour they make on the inner corner of my first look.

Whiplash by Paul Watkinson Photography

Whiplash by Paul Watkinson Photography

I even busted it out on a shoot this weekend where I used Velocity and 2am along with a 120 palette black to make a really easy but awesome smoky eye.


Well. I suppose I ought to shut up about this palette really, but I can’t help it! I’ve not actually bought any new eye makeup that isn’t mascara for so long that this is the newest thing I have in my collection, so I’m still playing with it a lot.



  1. Dear god I need to marry that first look it is soooo soooo gorgeous!!!

  2. These are all great looks, love that first one! This looks like a really well thought out palette.

  3. So, SO beautiful! I really need this palette in my life! I'm kind of hoping they have a good sale around thanksgiving so I can treat myself :)

  4. Love iiiiiiiit. God damnnit I want that palette so bad.

  5. Beautiful look, and your brows are amazing!

  6. DAMN those colours are so awesome!! I am a terrible person, I got it a long time ago but haven't used it yet :(


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