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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Behind The Scenes

Photos of me doing makeup and bits and bobs from shoots. This is why I should have a tumblr I guess! I don’t know why people love BTS stuff at shoots, but they’re really popular for some reason and I always love getting them back!


Me doing Exhayle’s makeup. From a shoot with Chris Stacey.


darren 2

And this is me turning her boyfriend, Demon Daz into a dandy steampunk gent! Shot by David Long.

22 05 11; Andy Milne 07702 388785;; Pini's @ Brent Cross; UV and Neon;  Robyn D Skinner MUA

With Darkhorse Photos at Adrian Pini studio, as we so often are! These are both pretty old photos but I can’t remember if I’ve posted them before.


Me doing the lovely Gemma Renata’s makeup at Murder Mile Studio this weekend, and me and a whole bunch of models/stylists from the same shoot. L-R (ish) Whiplash,(redhead) Sarah Kawaii, (purple hair) Maja Stina, (mohawk) Gemma Renata, (redhead in black latex) Shelley D’Inferno, (designer, pulling a lovely face) Sophie Cash (floral wreath), Betty Havok (black hair) Poppy Thorn (red latex bra), Saara Inkeri Nissinen , Krystal Johns (hidiing), me (awkward).

alice bizarre drinking tea

This is Alice Bizarre, who is totally fit and amazing. She’s one of my favourite MUAs, if you’re into horror, gore or SFX, GO AND CHECK OUT HER SHIT. She’s the bomb. And she makes a badass cuppa.


Me making Carly Thornton, a fitness model, look even more gorgeous. Shot by the ever lovely Rich Newnham.


Some zombie makeup I did for a late-night zombie video shoot… we scared some children and then their mum came and gave us tiramisu?!


A really cute dolly shoot – the model, Ivory Flame, was stunning! She reminded me of Jayma Mays. Shot by Rhinoa’s Photography.


Old photo of me by PUMP photography – I don’t even remember what we were shooting that day, but there was a big old car chassis outside the studio, a spare photographer and a hat… I use this as my profile picture on portfolio sites, haha!


I taught a class on makeup to some City and Guilds photography students – this is me attaching some feather to my friend Dolly Donnahue.  Their tutor wanted them to learn about working with other creative people. They all got really involved and asked lots of questions, which was fab! And yes, I was shitting it!

Pinupzanie Zombies


The Pinupzania shoot we did at 5.00 in the morning on Westminster Bridge was featured in Vintage Life, Cats Meow, and a couple of local papers– noice. I did Dakota, the blonde, and Hannah in the black dress, as well as Dolly (black pencil skirt and beehive.)

PLEASE check out my awesome talented photographer and model friends, they allow me to play with them and create awesome images, which makes me a very happy and grateful bunny.


  1. Awesome! I need to get doing more shoots soon. I don't know how you find the time though, I'm always so knackered!

    1. Evening and weekends, bebehhh. And just cos I find the time doesn't mean I'm not always knackered :/

    2. Hehe yes true! Don't overdo it ;)

    3. Ah I'm terrible for doing too much. Got a free weekend this week though :)

  2. These shoots look like such a blast! And yay for zombie makeup! These posts of yours are always so much fun.

  3. Ahhhhhhhh, I love this (and your hot face!) so much! That one of you with the hot pink brows! And you fit right in the picture of all the models. It all looks like so much fun. Hopefully you get to do this full time soon! You are so talented it's a shame you don't.

  4. Good lord, you have been busy! I love the photo of you in the hat. It looks like everyone is having so much fun even though I'm sure this is all a lot of getting up early and hard work!


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