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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bat Romance

Another day, another time when I don’t stop and think to myself, “You know what colours you can’t blend nicely together? Yellow and black! Stay away from those!” So, there’s that, but also, BATMAN.


Bat Romance

Bat Romance 2

Bat Romance 3
Bat Romance 4

Black and white from Sleek Circus, blue from 120 palette. Sugarpill Buttercupcake. Collection2000 24/7 Extreme Pen liner. Inglot AMC Gel liner (yellow.) Eyelure Girls Aloud Festival Lashes (Cheryl)

I REALLY like these lashes – they have gold fleck on the top – but I kept looking at it and thinking I had yellow fallout on them! Overall, a cool idea but not very well executed on my part. Add a black lip and a cape and you’ve got an easy Hallowe’en look, though! SPEAKING of Hallowe’en, I really need to pull a costume out of my arse for tonight and I think I’m going to resort to something cliché and ‘sexy’ as my big costume night is next week and it’s not ready yet! Off to the shops I go…


  1. LOVE this! I loved how you turned your brows into the batman logo!! Super creative!

  2. You are so freakin cool Miss Robyn! I think you must be a bit batty (geddit?) for thinking this wasn't executed well!

  3. Oh the minute i saw this i just heard that melody to the cartoon version of batman i saw as a kid haha!!! You definitely rock it the batman way!!/Azure

  4. ma lo sia che questo trucco mi ha dato una grandissima idea per stasera!! ^___^


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