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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Quickie Review: Collection Cover and Go Foundation and Concealer Duo

An intriguing little duo today from Collection (I still want to call you Collection2000, Collection. Soz.)
Daniel Sandler and Lancome, amongst others, have foundations with a matching concealer in the lid in thier ranges, and I did wonder when I first saw them if we’d ever see a high street dupes. I was pleasantly surprised with this offering from Collection when I tested it out in store, and that combined with the fact that I’ve seen many a rave about Collection face products in the blogosphere lately, and that it was on for the trial price of £3.99, I decided to give it a whirl.

Cover And Go Duo

Cover And Go Duo
As you can see, this a handy little set up! The cap screws off so you can squeeze out your foundation, and a flip top reveals the concealer and a (tiny) mirror. Unfortunately the testers in store are only for the foundation and not the concealer, but for my shade at least, they’re a good match. I picked up shade 2, and there are 6 shades in the line, which for a budget foundation range is actually pretty good (way better than light, medium and dark, at least!)
So how does it perform? Cue scary no-makeup-ish photo:

Cover and Go Duo 2

On your left, foundation and concealer. On your right, no makeup.

My boyfriend couldn’t tell which side had no makeup on. I’m not sure if that was a compliment?! I'm just wearing the concealer around my nose and under the eyes, and foundation everywhere else.

Party Sunset 3

Here I am wearing just the foundation, powdered with Illamasqua transluscent powders, which is very light. This is my favourite way to wear this foundation, I love how it makes my skin look. I'm not wearing the concealer here.

I’d say this was a light coverage foundation and a relatively light coverage concealer - if you have a humdinger of a spot, it won't do the job but for minor blemishes and common redness round the nose or outside edge of the eyes like I have, it does the job.

The foundation is very light feeling on the skin and leaves a slightly dewy finish. It wears well when powdered, which I would really recommend as the consistency is somewhat like a heavier tinted moisturizer, and I start to see shine within a few hours. It’s certainly not one for oily skin. I find the concealer too dry for my undereye area sadly, and it migrates into my eye creases even with powdering, but it’s nice for other things. I’m not overwhelmed with the concealer part to be honest, but I do prefer liquid concealers to creams and I will admit it’s handy to have more options for coverage in one tube. If you personally like cream concealers I don’t see you having any complaints.

  The real miracle of this for me at least is that it’s a cheap foundation that doesn’t turn orange, or look orange to start with! Hooray! A lot of cheap foundations seem to oxidise on me which is obviously less than ideal. I also really like the squeeze tube packaging – I’m totally over annoying glass bottles and so on.

Whether I’d repurchase this or not depends on whether or not my skin behaves, but right now I think I would despite not being in love with the concealer. If you’ve got dry to normal skin and you’re not prone to heavy blemishes or acne, you might really like this duo.

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