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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review: Floral Eye Tattoo from Born Pretty Store

A funny little review you today, lovelies! Born Pretty Store very kindly sent me some goodies and I admit I was intrigued by these eye tattoos! In the last year or so, applique makeup items have popped up everywhere and in so many different forms! Nail stickers, transfers and foils are really popular and applique eyeliners, eye crystals, lip tattoos and things like Face Lace also seem to be really popular as well. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talk about nail items and lip tattoos, but I think a lot of bloggers, who tend to be pretty good at makeup after all, probably wouldn’t look twice at something for their eyes. But I have read a lot of contrasting reviews about the lip tattoos and wanted to see if these eye versions would be a kerfuffle!

Eye Rock Look 2

Here’s what I eventually ended up with, and here’s the package…

Eye Rock
Eye Rock Instructions

The first thing I noticed about the instructions were that you can’t have any product on your skin at all before applying, which made me a little upset as I wasn’t sure how good it would look alone. I decided to plough on though.


The instructions aren’t super clear, but it seems to say not to cut the transfer at all so I didn’t even try. ! I do think it would be difficult to trim these down, actually. I don’t think these would fit every single eye shape, but I don’t think many people would have a problem with them as they are quite large and there’s a big space on the inside of the shape which gives you a lot of leeway. As you can see, it *was* a little awkward to place on the eye, but once you wet it, it sticks to the skin and there’s no harsh edges on the backing card because they’re now, wet so it’s not uncomfortable while you leave them to soak. These work just like the tattoos you got in sweets when you were a kid – soak them with water using a sponge, wait for 40 seconds or so and them the backing paper will slide off. Wait for it to dry, and don’t dab the water off with tissue or cotton wool or you’ll get bits stuck to the design. You can use a little extra water to smooth down and edges that might not have stuck.

These ones are actually kind of handy to line up as there are little marks where the transfers pop out of the packaging, so you can use these as a reference marker to line up the tattoos evenly on both eyes.

Eye Rock Application

And here’s what it looks like after you’ve done it. I didn’t find that powdering over it took the shine away at all, which was a shame as it makes it look more obviously like a tattoo and less like you’re amazing with the ol’ eyeliner!

Eye Rock with Gold Accents

I then decided to see if you could draw over it and had no problems with that at all. I was worried that perhaps a liquid product over it wouldn’t take. I really, really didn’t like that I had no product on underneath it and found it a pain in the arse working around the tattoo once I had it on.  I figured if I used long wearing products, that putting water on top of them for 40 seconds wouldn’t do anything at all, so I tried it on the other eye:

Eye Rock Look

I used my usual MUA primer and some long wearing cream eyeshadows and had absolutely no problem  applying the tattoo at all! I added the gems on top using Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and a very fine brush to place them.

Where these are just a thin film, they’re pretty comfortable to wear, but for a while you will find they restrict the movements of your lids very slightly, and if you make an exaggerated expression, you’ll be able to feel that they’re there. I have fairly wrinkly skin on my eyes, and I think perhaps they’d look slightly better on someone with a smoother eye area –  obviously, where this sits on my creases, the pattern can look a bit skewwhiff in some places. I wore the tattoos on for about 5 hours (yes, I left different eyes on all day, ha ha!) and I  had no issues with creasing or with the pattern fading, either on the eye with or without primer, so I think these are hardy enough to survive going out dancing or something. As for removal, that’s a little more tricky. If you don’t have an oil-based remover in the house, steer clear!


All in all, I was actually pleasantly surprised with these. I thought they’d be a nightmare to put on, line up and wear but I had no issues at all.  I’d definitely wear something like this again. I think for something like a festival (where I only wear minimal makeup and would choose long wearing products anyway) these would be dead easy to take with you (and apply in a tent, with no tools!) and they’re pretty cheap as well at a less than three bucks a pop. Admittedly I’d be worried you’d get less room for error with the more solidly coloured tattoos and I’m not sure they’ll fit everyone… yeah, these are pretty cool. You can check them out at Born Pretty.

The products in this post were provided for review. All opinions are, and always will be my own.


  1. Not going to lie, I want some.

  2. I think they look awesome! I wanna try some but I reckon there's no way I could get them even :/

  3. This look pretty awesome! I'd probably end up cutting it up so I could have a few different 'tattoos'.

    1. I did consider it actually! It'd certainly be easier to work into a look that way!

  4. They look fab, especially with colour added to them.

    Do you reckon they'd work with hooded eyes? I guess I'd slice them up for hooded.

  5. I love both the looks! I don't really mind that they look like appliques - they're still hella gorgeous.

  6. I like how you thought to draw over it, that made it even more awesome! I need to get some of these or some face lace or something. I think I'd have a field day with them!

  7. Wow! These would be great for the black&white party i'm going to next weekend :-D
    I love the way you did the gold details !

  8. I've tried the eyeliner tattoos, but they were like strips of velvet and incredibly difficult to apply evenly!! These look amazing though and I love the gold you did, I would never think to include my eyebrows in the art, that's very clever. I love it.

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