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Friday, 26 April 2013

Quickie Review and Swatches: Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in 51 and 52

I don’t really ‘do’ bronzer, dear readers. I was a grotty nasty little mini-goth as a teenager and didn’t even buy a blusher until I was nineteen! I started dying my hair red around 20, and got it into my head that red heads Must Not Have A Tan Whatsoever. Now that I know how to apply makeup I know that a little bronzer does not mean you’re going to look like you’re off Jersey Shore, and the glowing reviews of my fellow bloggers (and a special offer in Superdrug) led me to pick up these bad boys.

borjois bronzers
borjois close up

These bronzers are famous for looking – and smelling!- like chocolate. I have to say I really like how these are presented. The palettes are cardboard but close with a magnet and seem really sturdy. As for the scent, it’s really sweet and I like it a lot – it smells more coconutty or fruity than straight-up chocolate to me though. Bourjois have also brought out a more shimmery version of the chocolate bronzer and a white chocolate highlighting powder as well, but they’re not available in store in the UK anymore :(

borjois delice
The powder comes in two shades, Peaux Claires/Medians no 51 (left) and Peaux mates/hâlées no 52 (right).  My French basically consists of pointing and saying ‘merci,’ but I believe 51 is for lighter skins and 52 is meant for a slightly darker skin. If anyone can translate better for me feel free!

borjois swatches
51, left, 52, right.
When swatched, no 51 looks more golden. 52 has more noticable shimmer particles in it (click to embiggen and you’ll see them) and is a touch darker darker, with a less yellow undertone. I was slightly concerned that 51 would look too orange on my skin, and that 52 might be too dark. Eeek! I’m sure there are seasoned bronzer wearers out there laughing at me right now!

no bronzer
Here I am with no bronzer, blush, or highlighter – just some BB cream which I set with translucent powder.

no 51
Here I am wearing shade 51 – on forehead, cheeks, centre of nose, etc. This was the shade I was worried about look mega orange on me. I’m still not sure it’s quite right but I don’t think it’s horrible – it looks pretty natural and subtle. I obviously didn’t go overboard on the application but I still think on me, this shade makes it fairly obvious I have bronzer on.

no 52
Here I am wearing shade no 52. I was concerned about this one perhaps being too sparkly, but I don’t see any glitter particles on my cheeks at all. I prefer this shade on me to shade 51 and it looks more like I do when I tan – it’s very natural and certainly my favourite of the two. I don’t notice the shimmer particles on my skin at all which is a good thing, but neither shade looks totally flat matte, which I also like.

I really like applying these with the Real Techniques Blush Brush – the big egg shape basically blends that shit out for you with no effort whatsoever! How do you feel about bronzer? What’s your favourite?


  1. this looks really natural and totally not what I thought it would be like! lovely!

  2. I also have shade 52 and i really like it!
    And it smells delicious indeed. It my altime favorite bronzer.


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