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Friday, 19 April 2013

Random Makeup Series: Textured Lips

A slightly better combination than my first post! In case you didn’t see, I recently made up a jar of words which I could use to create looks with when I had no inspiration, and this time I got ‘textured’ and ‘lips.’ Luckily for me, I got some gold leaf in the post this week, so I decided to use that with some glitter and little gems. Normally I’m not really a fan of gold leaf in makeup looks but I’d not tried using it before and this series is kind if about trying new things!

blue textured 2
blue textured

So I started with a green-teal eyeliner (Jungle by Rimmel) and used that to line the lips. Then I tapped a little of Fyrinnae’s Digital Faerie eyeshadow on top which looked gorgeous! I’m going to wear this combo soon for sure. I then added some little gemstones with eyelash glues, and I’ve seen a couple of looks where products like this were applied outside the lipline and I liked it, so I put most of them off my lips. I then mixed up a little of Darling Girls Golden Child glitter with a mixing medium and dabbed it on, adding some blue glitter with Collection 2000’s Glam Crystals in Le Freak. I liked the texture of the glitter – it went a little clumpy, but not in a bad way. It looked great!

blue textured 3

blue textured 4

After that, I simply tore off some gold leaf and stuck it on willy-nilly with some mixing medium. I have to say I don’t like the gold leaf effect much so I kind of stopped rather than trying to make it work. I do like how it looks with the blue tones though!


One more random combination bites the dust!


  1. I super love this you have such a great imagination

  2. I really like the look before you added the gold leaf, the little gems coming off the lips remind me of a mermaid. I think maybe the gold leaf would look a bit better in smaller pieces.

  3. Neat! I'm really digging your random makeup series. :)


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