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Monday, 15 April 2013

Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette: Initial Thoughts and Swatches

Writing anything about a Sugarpill palette is probably massively redundant, but I don’t care! I’ve wanted this palette for a long time and it’s the last one in my collection of those that are currently available, so now I have all the current pressed shadows apart from Bulletproof. In general I’ve been super impressed with the Sugarpill pressed shadows and I know they wear, blend and photograph well, so I had high expectations for this palette from the get go.


sugarpill sweetheart palette

sweet heart swatches

L-R (top over bare skin, bottom over NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, Tako.

Dollipop was the one shadow I was really excited about as I don’t have a good quality, pressed bright pink. I have plenty of pinks that are poor quality, badly textured and that stain skin and brushes so I really wanted this to be good. It’s smooth, pigmented and bright as balls, so, so far I’m really loving it.  It’s perhaps worth noting that Dollipop left a slight stain on my hand where I swatched it over Milk, which is odd as it didn’t stain my eye area. I will update if I find it stains my brushes.

Afterparty I’m less sold on to to be honest – just a personal preference as it’s not my favourite shade of blue. it has a slight shimmer and I’d prefer it to be matte. Performance wise it works wonderfully, though, and I think it’s a nice accompaniment to Midori.

Midori is simply beautiful! It’s not a complex colour at all but I can’t think of anything else I have like it and I have a lot of green shadows. I can see this one becoming a favourite. Like Afterparty, this has shimmer, but I like it much better with this shade.

Tako is the colour I was most intrigued about. Any makeup fan will know finding a pigmented matte white that isn't awfully chalky is practically an impossible ask! I wasn’t expecting too much of Tako but was going to be happy if it was better than MAC Gesso, which is awful. I’m happy to report it’s much better! It’s not super pigmented – you won’t get it to show up stark white without a base at all – but the texture is smooth and it’s buildable, so I’m more than happy.

sweet heart

sweet heart

sweet heart palette
sweet heart 4

This is a very quick look I did with all the colours. I don’t know why I keep doing bottom-lashline heavy looks at the moment, I *know* they don’t suit me and I just wish that they did, basically. Anyway, these worked just as well as all my other Sugarpill colours. They just seem to be consistently good (with the exception of Poison Plum which I find difficult to work with) all round – they blend well, they’re pigmented and not patchy, they don’t seem to change colour on bare skin too much like some mattes can and there isn’t too much fallout. I like!

Like the other palettes, I think the colours are a great combination. The blue and the green compliment each other nicely, and the pink and blue mix together well to create a nice deep purple shade. The white is generally useful and it’s actually a bonus that it’s not ridiculously pigmented as you can use it to blend out edges without having too white a highlight.

Basically if you don’t like Sugarpill, I have only this to say:

sweet heart 3


  1. HAHAHA that last face made me choke!! XD
    I agree with you, this palette is super. I don't use Afterparty much either, but Tako is my go-to matte browbone shade!

  2. Hi , the last shot is so funny :)
    This palette is on my wishlist for a long time ... one day i'll buy it !!

  3. I need some Sugarpill in my life. The last photo is hilarious! x

  4. The last photo :D LOL

    You look great with this colorful look! I've wanted this palette but I think the green one is the only one I'd use, so...

    Nea -Fashioned in Finland-

  5. I like the heavy lower lashline look on you! I agree with you about Midori, it's not particularly that complex or anything but it's hard to find something similar! Dollipop actually stains my eyelids quite badly, even through NYX JEP in Milk over top of MAC Paint Pot and UDPP. Perhaps I'm just weird that way....

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