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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Random Makeup Series: Ombré Cheeks

At the weekend I mad two jars full of random words- one all to do with makeup, colour, texture and shapes, and the other with eyes, lips, brows, face and cheeks. The idea is that I pull one from the jar describing areas of the face and one or more from the other jar and I have to do a look based on those things whether I like it or not!


Makeup Inspiration Lucky Dip Method

For my first draw, I got ‘ombré’ and ‘cheeks.’ FML!

ombre cheeks 2

ombre cheek patch

I only did one cheek because I was lazy, and should really have done both. I didn’t like this at all! My thought process – if you can call it that! – behind this was the beautiful shape exposing the models freckles from one of the Illamasqua ImPerfection collection images which I was really taken with when I saw it. I really liked the idea of showing of the shape of the cheek in a graphic sort of way. Anyway. It came out like a candy corn and it looks stoopid, but the idea of the lucky dip is to try new things!

Excuse the drag queen lips, by the way. I’m practising bits and bobs of drag makeup at the moment so they sort of just happened. You know how it is :P

If you want to make your own jar, the words I used were:


scruffy glossy textured
metallic powdery striped stippled
colour block ombré applique
messy graphic monochrome
cross-hatching caked-on dotty
girly punk bold messy
glitter icy jagged

Let me know if you give this a try, or if you don’t trust yourself not to keep on drawing until you get an idea you like, I’ll do one for you!


  1. This is such a fun idea! Though you really did get a difficult combo for the first try, I'm looking forward to more x

  2. How cool! If I got ombré cheeks, I wouldn't know what to do haha. Great job xx

  3. Great idea! I think you've pulled it off really well too! x

  4. But now I'm totally inspired for my own ombre cheek look! If I can get some time to breathe maybe I'll actually try it and send you pics.


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