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Monday, 20 May 2013

MAC Lip Liner Swatches: Subculture, Magenta, Nightmoth

It was my birthday this weekend, so a trip to MAC was always in question! I was very restrained and just picked up a few classic lip liners that I’ve been eyeballing for a while.



mac subculture 2
mac subculture

I’ve wanted a nude like this for ages and like with lip colours, there doesn’t seem to be many great options from drugstore brands, which sucks. My favourite lip liners are actually from Barry M and I wish they’d make more colours like this! Anyway, love the shade, it’s like a less pink version of my actual lip colour.


mac magenta 2
mac magenta

So many people have told me this is so, so dry and uncomfortable to wear. I did find it a little dry, and you can see if you zoom in a couple of patches where it’s pilled up slightly, but the colour is just SO amazing. I’ve been wearing it with a sheer, slightly frosty pink over the top (like MAC Girl Next Door or a gloss with a little sparkle) and it’s just beautiful. Love this, instant fave.


mac nightmoth 2
mac nightmoth

I have a TON of dark, aubergine-y liners but I had to have this. My crappy application is just that and not a reflection of the texture of the pencil! This colour is badass, enough said.


Do you use MAC lip liners? What are your favourite shades?


  1. Replies
    1. I want to wear Magenta every day!

  2. Subculture is so gorgeous, I think MAC have the best range of truly wearable nudes and neutrals. Magenta is STUNNING - I have the NYX dupe, 'Purple Rain' but it's a bit too...solid to wear as a lippy :(

    1. I didn't realise PR was a dupe, I'll cross that off my wish list! I agree with you on the nudes and neutrals, they have such a big range I think you'll find one that suits you.

  3. Been wanting Nightmoth for ages, such a beautiful colour. :)

    1. I've never picked it up in store before because I assumed I had a dupe for it already but it's that *little* bit different so I managed to justify it!

  4. Nightmoth is incredible! In love!

    1. I can see myself wearing it a lot!

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