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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Quickie Review: Born Pretty Store Stick On Eyeliner

Applique makeup and nails still don’t seem to be going anywhere, so I thought I’d give these eyeliners from the Born Pretty Store a whirl. The first time I recall seeing stick on eyeliners was the Dior Velvet Eyes back in 2011 and I thought they were pretty interesting, although stupidly expensive. I received these for review, but if you’re interested in trying this sort of thing they’re only a couple of bucks which is cheaper than the ones I’ve seen in Boots, Topshop, etc.

I liked that you got a bunch of styles. As I was pretty sure I was going to screw them up having a few options was welcome!

Aaaw yeah, drying laundry!

You have to cut as close to the bottom on the design as you can, and if there are any gaps underneath after application you can fill them in with a touch of liquid liner. I don’t really feel that this is a universal product that is going to fit everyone, and there’s not much space to work with in terms of reshaping them for your eyes. Also, if they don’t fit your eye shape, they could crease in funny places and basically look a bit odd.

Here I’m wearing the ones second down in the packet – a kind of funky, inverted shape with a glossy finish, which was my favourite part about them. I found this one easy to apply because it had a sharp corner on the outside edge, which made it really easy to line it up on both my eyes. I found the swooping versions with no corners really hard to line up and basically gave up on those ones. Other than that, it’s just a case of wetting the transfer with water and leaving it to peel off, like a regular transfer tattoo. You really do have to get them soaking and make sure you wait the recommended amount of time – nothing worse than not waiting long enough and pulling off the corner or messing it up! A lot of transfers say to apply to clean skin, but I don’t have a problem applying them over makeup – just be sure not to rub at all during the process.


While the product itself is fine – it  looks pretty good! – I kind of feel they’re inherently flawed in that if you don’t have a steady enough hand to do funky liner, you probably don’t have a steady enough hand to cut these neatly! They are a bugger to remove as well, which is a bit of a swings and roundabouts situation – they’re not going anywhere, which is great for a festival or a sweaty gig, but kind of annoying for just a regular night out. It look a lot of work with an oil-based remover to get it off and that’s not something I want to put my eyes through all the time. So I’m kind of torn on these – they’re a funky novelty but I don’t like them nearly as much as the eye tattoos I tried out before.


Stick on makeup –  yay or nay?


  1. My eyes are very asymmetrical. I can just imagine struggling for ages to put these on and then looking and the mirror and screeching with horror. So I say nay to stick on eyeliner!

  2. I was curious about these!

  3. Interesting... I would get them just to try. I don't have a steady hand so my end result will be laughable. But I would still give it a try :-)

    1. Same with me ladies, I was mostly just curious!


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