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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Week In Pictures


Well, sort of! I’ve recently joined Instagram as @staybeautifulmakeup, please let me know your usernames so I can follow you! I do keep it mostly makeup related but post other stuff as well.


Last week was my birthday! I had a great day shooting, and the photographers wife made me these amazing cupcakes! There are makeup ones and Disney ones and they were all different flavours. So awesome! After the shoot, I watched Eurovision with friends because I’m so cool.


And here’s Darren Flynn shooting the amazing Anna. She is such a babe, I can’t wait to show you the pics from this shoot!


And here’s some weird gothic makeup I did on the amazing Jenna Betts, who is cool as fuck.


And then I went to Brighton for the long weekend! Stared with a dripping double C’s shirt and leather everything else…


And got glammed up for the evening! My lips are actually MAC Magenta and Candy Yum Yum.


This is me and the birthday boy, Ross. I love him lots like jelly tots.


We went out again the next day and this was my makeup – the lip is MAC Nightmoth which I am so in love with…


…and I paired with a sugar skulls dress!

I won’t do these posts too often –unless you like them! - but I’ve been bloody busy so this a bit of a cop-out post.


  1. Your pictures look lovely!

    Love the make up you did on Jenna. :)

    Will have to find you on instagram. I'm fashionicide there if you fancy having a look.



  2. DAMN I love your outfits!!!!!! I like your neat hairstyle that you are wearing with the pink top......I am also jealous that you are so nice and skinny and can wear those cute crop tops!! ;)


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