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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bits and Bobs from Photoshoots!

I’ve not really updated you all on my photoshoots at all this year, so here is a few little peeks at what I’ve been up to, with lots lots more to come! There is a slightly NSFW shot a little further down, just so you know!

All makeup (and hair, unless otherwise stated) is by yours truly.

Nadia Beauty 001
Nadia Beauty 002

Photographer: Rich Newnham
Model: Nadia Elizabeth

A bit of a poor Alex Box rip off there, but I couldn’t help myself! This was actually my first shoot of the year and it was such fun – I’d been dying to work with the beautiful Nadia and we finally managed to do it just before she moved back Down Under! Lots and lots of Inglot used on this shoot on eyes and lips, with an Illamasqua shadow for the blush and good old MUA Shade 9 for the lovely, shimmer purple.




Photographer: Richard Newnham
Model: Jasmina Lasota


Another shoot with my good friend Rich, this was such fun too! I was a little nervous because Jasmina is a makeup artist as well as a model, but she was awesome and wasn’t scared off, haha! This shoot was a totally new type of look for me and I think I did okay!



Photographer: Monika Schaible
Models: L, Lisa Jane Ralph, R, Beth Chambers


Photographer: Nate Togg
Model: Miss Jenna Betts
Hair: Lucia Mameli

Dead Lotus Couture

That’s Jenna again in the pasties, and I also did Ellen’s makeup in the red dress with Lucia on hair again.

Clothing and styling for all: Dead Lotus Couture
Location for both: LSS Studio, Brixton

I LOVE a bit of latex, it always looks so, so awesome in photos. Nange, who designs Dead Lotus Couture, is freaking awesome and I was really excited to work with her.



Photographer: Yat Tang Tang
Assist: Nicholas Brown
Model: Mariana Chuleva at Bad Models Management
Styling, clothing and jewellery design: Timea Talian Designs
Location: Rivoli Ballroom, London

This is probably my favourite shoot from the year. The whole team was fab, the location and clothes were gorgeous and it all just came together beautifully.



Photographer: Darkhorse Photos
Model: Aaliyah Johnson
Headwrap: Karen Salandy MUA (who did the other model)
Location: Adrian Pini Studio


Again, this was a bit of a challenge for me! It took so SO LONG and I still wasn’t super happy with it, but I was so pleased to get to try something like that and to have the change to work on my precision (which still needs work, but I’m getting there!) And as always, the behind the scenes shots end up with me looking like the models mum! It was fun working with Aaliyah who doesn’t normally do mad stuff – she liked it and drove home like it!



Photographer: Twitch Photos
Model: Amber Skyline
Wig: Geisha Wigs

I’d wanted to work with this photographer for a while, her stuff is so cool! This is part of her Runes series and the rune for this shoot was Raido, which means ‘ride,"’ or ‘journey.’ Amber is a bellydancer and her outfits were amazing! I wanted to do something “tribal” (annoying terminology but you know what I mean!) and flowing to fit in with the model.

Phew! If you read all that, thank you! More coming soon!


  1. Love all of these especially the last one!

  2. Good lord, you have been busy! Your work is looking very professional, good for you because you seem like you work very hard. My favourites are the bellydance pictures, the pictures of Nadia (she is so unique looking!) and the latex photos! I am a fan of latex clothing, that is pretty neat that you got to work with a designer for their photos!


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