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Sunday, 12 September 2010

More like FyriYAY! Fyrinnae haul, swatches and LOTDs

My first Fyrinnae order came this week! Yippee! I was super excited to get it, especially seeing as I wasn't expecting it for a good week or so yet. Everything was really well wrapped - in skully paper! Sweeeeet!

I got:

-2x Pixie Epoxy Samples
-Lip Lustres in Shangri-La, Devil Horns, Lolli-pop Pop, Visual Kei and Ultra Phantom
-Charm Blush Sample
-Mini Eyeshadows in Damn Paladins, Selkie Skin, Dressed to Kill, Crimson Ghost, Meerkat, Wicked, Rapunzel Had Extensions and Digital Faerie
-...and a free sample of Herbivore eyeshadow, which I was considering buying anyway! Yay!


Damn Paladins, Selkie Skin, Rapunzel had Extensions, Crimson Ghost

Meerkat, Wicked, Digital Faerie, Dressed to Kill

Herbivore eyeshadow, Glow Blush in 'Charm.'

Crimson Ghost over a black base.

Meerkat Mini on the left, free sample size of Herbivore on the right. Not bad!

Um. OMG, DIGITAL FAERIE. Thankyou so much to everyone who told me to get this! Wicked is in the same family as my beloved Barry M no 98, and Rapunzel had Extensions is just as gorgeous and girly as I'd hoped. I love all of these, although I wish that I hadn't got Damn Paladins AND Selkie Skin, as they're so similar. I guess one will go in a giveaway or something.

Shangri-La, Lollipop-Pop, Ultra Phantom, Visual Kei, Devil Horns.

Ultra Phantom alone...

...And the reason I bought Ultra Phantom.... to wear over Viva Glam Gaga!!! It looks great over hot pinks too!

Devil Horns - I think this is my favourite of the bunch!

I did take photos of all the lustres on my lips, and I've worn them all except Visual Kei, but I can't tell the difference between Lollipop-Pop, Visual Kei and Shangri-La on my pictures and I figure a lot of people have these anyway. I am seriously in love with these, though. The formula feels lovely and soft and almost buttery, they're really light and long-wearing and I don't find them to be very dry at all - they're almost mousse-y. I can't see the colour changing properties in Devil Horns at all, though, and only a little in Ultra Phantom - you can see the pink in the swatches on my arm, but mostly its a baby blue reflect. I guess alone, the pink doesn't come through on the lips.

And now some looks! Hoorah!

Damn Paladins (lid)
Dressed to Kill (crease)
Selkie Skin (outer crease)
Sleek Black (a little in the crease)
Wicked (lower lashline and liner)
Herbivore (inner lower lashline)

Devil Horns Lip Lustre

Meerkat (lid)
Wicked (crease and outer lower lashline)
Herbivore (inner lower lashline)
Hi-Fi Between the Stars (highlight)

Shangri-La Lip Lustre

Rapunzel Had Extensions (lid)
Crimson Ghost (crease)
Digital Faerie (liner)

Not pictured, but Lollipop-Pop Lip Lustre

So... all in all, I'm in love, as I knew I would be! The black Lip Lustre is on my list next, for sure. I'd appreciate suggestions that'd go with what I've already got, too!

Have a great weekend, darlings!


  1. I love the way Meerkat looks with blue eyes---that full face picture was the best way to start my morning :D

    Do you know how similar Rapunzel Had Extensions is to MAC Expensive Pink? I can't find any color comparisons online, and we don't have MAC in my area.

  2. oh teh shiny! Love teh shiny! lol
    I want more stuff but I wanna wait til they can release the brand spankin new shades.

    And Ms Mangopants, they be completely different to moi. Rapunzel is like a pretty girly light pink with super strong yellow gold in the light and Expensive Pink is more of a dark rose kind of pink and the gold is not nearly as intense. Although combined they would make a super sweet look. dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

  3. Glad you like your stuff! I love Fyrinnae, I'm forever recommending them! You should try Digital Faerie foiled - it's incredible. Just added Meerkat to my wishlist :)

  4. I love the purple look, the green looks is so pretty, and the last look is so soft... those eyeshadows are so versatile :)

  5. OMG! I love the last look with Rapunzel had Extensions, it is so pretty and looks so great with Digital Faerie as a liner. I've been debating buying Fyrinnae but I think I might have to now!

  6. Ugh - I love Fyrinnae!! I only have a couple, but every time I see a new post, it makes me want more.

  7. Oh my god, I have been wanting Meerkat, but never as much as I do now... I think I might order some Fyrinnae later today :O

  8. Visual Kei liplustre looks very nice. I have already Shangri-La but I want more brighter pink and Visual Kei looks like color I have searched. Thanks! :)

  9. @thecandiedmango: All the other kids were doing it!

    @kittenmittens: I want more stuff already :( But I want more Evil Shades stuff, so I think I'll get those first, and theeeeeen more Fyrinnae. Or mebbe wait and get Sugarpill.... aaaaaargh!

    @BeautysBadHabit: Oooooohhhhh I will definitely try that :D

    @MartianDelights: I know, right? I didn't get enough colours to mix and match the ones I bought but I know plenty of other stuff I have that'll go with all of these :D

    @Kimberly: Do it, they have soooo many shades. Even their neutrals are gorgeous.

    @Megan: Me too :( Mostly because of bloody Wendi and her stupidly good swatches!

    @Heather: It's ok, you can blame me!

    @MaryJane: Visual Kei is definitely bright! The colour shows pretty true on my monitor.

  10. ahhh hot DAMN you got Digital Faerie.. Devil Horns looks great on you!

  11. I can't believe this is your first Fyrinnae! Love the colors you got. Of course Rapunzel is a favorite. And I love Wicked also!

  12. I have to wait for my order to arrive as I didn't register first but as soon as it comes I'll know there are more samples I need to request! Meerkat, Rapunzel had Extensions, Crimson Ghost and Devil Horns are going to be must haves for me. Thanks for posting such gorgeous looks!!

  13. You picked out some awesome colors :)
    You should add Shinigami to your list, as well as Mischief Makers or Nijiro.

  14. @Makeup Zombie: I love it sooooo muccccch!

    @The Peach: I know, its awful isn't it? I've tried to buy from them before and thier cart or site has been broken. Which meant I ended up with Evil Shades/Hi Fi, which is certainly no bad thing :D

    @Marcey: Thanks Doll! I kinda wanna wear Devil Horns everyday!

    @Phyrra: Ooooh, I Shinigami and Nijiro are certainly up next!

  15. All these looks are so pretty, but I think the Meerkat/Wicked one is my favorite! (And that face is awesome.)

  16. Awesome purchases, sweety! Everything looks so beautiful! And I love the makeup look!
    New follower,

  17. Oh nice haul! I only have 4 of these and might have to get some others I don't have.

    I normally prefer darker intense looks but I really adore your last look. It's very light and ethereal. I really love it.

  18. LOL love your facial expression in that funny face photo :P

    Digital Faerie and Dressed To Kill look EPIC

  19. Electro Koi is super pretty, and so is Curiouser and Curiouser!


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