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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Robyn's Rockin' Retro #6: Some Kinda Psycho

I absolutely love the psychobilly style, although I find it really, really hard to define. I guess I'd describe it as rockabilly plus punk plus hot rod with a bit of a zombie twist! Think amped-up old Hollywood style make-up and dresses with massive pompadours, leopard print, skulls, brothel creepers, tattoos, blah.

Anyway, I've seen girls rocking the psychobilly look with all kinds of make-up, but the classic black/liner red lips is still pretty common. So here are my pin-up looks with a bit of a twist!


There's been a distinct lack of red lips in this series! Basically this look is just amping up the classic pin-up look - I winged my liner out a lot more than I normally would, packed grey and black into the crease and gave my lips a lot of love!

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Pearl (highlight, lower lashline)
Evil Shades Glooming (outer crease)
MUA Shade 3 (crease)
MAC Gesso (lid, blended with the grey shades)
Collection 2000 Fast Strokes Liner

MAC MSF in Stereo Rose (thanks to Secret Beauty Blog!)
Collection 2000 Fast Strokes Liner (beauty mark)

Maybelline Moisture Extreme lip liner in Royal Red
OCC Lip Tar in NSFW
Milani Buzz Worthy gloss in Bee-uitful (centre)
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Pearl (highlight cupid's bow)


This look was inspired by hollywoodnoirmakeup's Green Smoke tutorial, which I absolutely adored. Did not have time to do a proper cut crease, though, this was done super quick but I really liked how it came out. I paired it with a red gloss - I am still really afraid of red lips for the day, I don't know why! I think it's quite a lot with my hair, perhaps.

Hi-Fi Sweet Dreams (lid)
Sleek Black (crease)
Nyx White Pearl (highlight)

Pretty in Pink:

I wanted to do the same style/technique of make-up I've been doing with my pin-up looks, i.e., simple eyes, strong lips, but with different colours. I think you can still tell what era it was inspired by, especially with accessories like hair flowers, bandannas, etc. Dita Von Teese often uses a purple in her crease, but less girly and bright than this! I may do a Dita look if I have time this week with purple shadows.

Wet and Wild colour icon palette in Lust (light pink on the lid... oh, I can't remember)
Almay blush in Peach
Milani lipstick in Rose Hip

Psychobitch Outta Hell:

Sprry about my eye bags! Anyway, I looooved this look. I think its such an awesome psychobilly colour combo - purple and green is very zombie glam, no? I did try red lips with this, and I sort of liked it, but I had to go to work in my lovely bright pink work shirt, and I really wasn't feeling it.

All 120 palette shadows (kelly green on lid, Stars-and-Rockets like purple in crease and deep matte purple in outer crease)
NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk on waterline
Collection 2000 Fast Strokes Liner

Hope you girls liked, it feels like I haven't posted any face for ages! xxx

P.S: I'm not going to bother listing certain make-up items any more. I always use Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff, I always use UDPP, I generally always use NYX JEP in Milk and at the moment I generally use Lancome Hypnose. I don't think we all care that much what foundation, etc each other uses unless we're looking for a new one. And, you know, I'm lazy.


  1. I love psychobilly style, but it's not for me. I really like the minty look! I might try this one myself.

  2. Love these looks! Especially the psychobitch outta hell! Thats awesome! I've been enjoying your retro series.

  3. Great colors - your falsies look great!

  4. Great looks! The Psychobitch Outta Hell is my absolute favorite! You do such awesome pinup looks. :)

  5. Hey I just love your eyes....Great look!!!

  6. amazing! the last one is STUNNING! x

  7. I was wondering what hair dye you've used in this pic? I share the love you have for your red-headed style icons in the sidebar and I'm struggling with finding a vibrant, edgy red that won't wash out in a week. I tried Paul Mitchell's Inkworks at a salon, and when it faded I put Rock N Roll Red from Manic Panic in and it washed out super-fast and was too pink for me. I've got MP Vampire red but I'm afraid it'll be too dark...


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