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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Darkness! Colour! Haul!

First, some looks for you all. Then, a super awesome present from my friend!

After all my pin-up looks, even though I think I do suit less eyeshadow heavy looks, I've been gagging to do some darker, heavier shadow looks!

I had a whole bunch of glitter staring me in the face one morning...

... so I thought I would use it! Sleek black over NYX JEP in Black Bean with red glitter off of eBay. My boyfriend said this was 'pretty,' bless him! Paired this with some random Revlon neutral lippie.

I was desperate to use Hi-Fi Valentine Evenings as a lid colour, and I paired it with UD Bourbon, a shimmery deep brown from Sleek and a silver-grey from Makeup Academy. I wish I'd used black instead of grey, as VE is a bit 'woah' on its own. I think I probably wore this with Devil Horns lip lustre.

Playing with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy... a quick look using Evil Shades Devil's Bonfire and Fyrinnae Crimson Ghost, with Hi-Fi Mornings of Gold to Highlight and on the lower lashline. Paired this with Boots Natural Collection lipstick in Rosebud, which I still think is an *amazing* lipstick for less than two squid.

I hadn't played with one of my favourite colour combos, purple and orange, for a long, long time! I used Gosh Effect powder in Pineapple (gold), Barry M orange, and Hi-Fi Another Day Another Drama with a touch of Fyrinnae Wicked. My liner sucked but it felt good to be colourful again! Paired with Barry M lip gloss wand in Toffee.

I hadn't used my Sleek Bohemian palette lately, and I saw a girl on the Sleek Facebook page make a gorgeous dark look with it, so I took the matte and sparkly cranberry-ish shades and paired them with Evil Shades Double Barrel. This didn't photograph well but I really liked it! Wore it with BM 'Toffee' again - I'm running dangerously low on this gloss, it may be only the second gloss I repurchase ever!

Anyway, now for my present! My friend Sorrell, who I work with, used to do some sort of fashion styling course, and left because it was a bit hair- and makeup -centric for her. Anyway, that worked out well for me because she bequeathed me with these bad boys:

-Double-stack Kryolan Supra and Aqua Color palettes!
-Dermacover concealer palette
-Screenface foundation palette
-Setting Powder
-Kryolan cake mascara trio
-Some pouffes and disposable spoolies n' shit

Sweeeeeet, right? The Aqua Color palette has basic, UV AND metallic shades, and the Supra colour has one tray of blues, reds, yellows, etc, and one of skin tone shades. I am so happy with these palettes, they've barely been used, either. I am soooooo stoooooked - Sorrell, if you're reading this, I am still making pterodactyl noises! I can't wait to play and explore with these so I can ensure they went to a good home!

Well, have a good weekend, guys! I'm visiting my mutti and vati and then I have a friends leaving do, which I'm sure will be hellish!



  1. Nice makeup but I what I like most is your hair!!:D So vibrant!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I adore your makeup looks but I must coincide with Marie:
    I want your hair colour!

  3. Thanks girls! I'm currently using Adore semi-permanent hair colour (in a little white bottle, you can get it in afro hair shops) in the shade Crimson, which has a tint of pink in it! It lasts awesomely well, too!

  4. I love the black and glitter look!!

  5. Those are all beautiful, but I especially like the last one (using the Sleek Bohemian palette).

  6. in the full face pic why are you pulling the face of a Dallas character that's killed soemone ?

    gould haul skins you look tre tre pretty - i hate you =]

  7. Holy shittttt I love the pop of red glitter in the first look, and all of the purple/orange look :D

  8. Aaah I hate you so much for the Kryolan stuff! You can't get it here and I'm wary about ordering online. I LOVE the purple and orange look btw, and your eyebrows are looking fantastic :)

  9. Love all of your looks! So amazing I especially love the purple and orange look!

  10. So many great looks! I think the Sleek Bohemian is my favorite, though, but it's a tough call.

    Can we get a recording of the pterodactyl sounds? That would be rad.

  11. I adore the first look!!!And your hair looks amazing :D


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