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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Robyn's Rockin' Retro #7: Cheaters Victory Rolls - First Attempts

Here's a couple of pics for those of you who don't know what victory rolls are:

Old school, as modelled by Rita Hayworth...

...and new school, as modelled by... er, this lovely model on Daddy O's. (Don't click on it, it'll make you very sad indeed.) This version is more of what I'm going for.

Nice, right? Basically, the style is two upswept rolls on either side of your head. I cannot do them. Well, I sort of can. I can't physically roll my hair up and under into a long roll, like Rita up there. Its too long and thin, plus I'm crap at hair. But I found this awesome 'cheaters' video for long hair on Youtube and I've made a couple attempts so far. It claims to be quick and easy...

...and it was, sort of! I managed to do one side and have it look ok, but I think perhaps I parted my hair too far to one side, and I couldn't get a nice roll with the thinner side, and it was Work Teim.

Onto the second attempt:

Do you like my little skellyton necklace? He's got a top hat and a guitar to keep him company :D

With more practice I think I could get these looking really nice!I think the rolls should have been a little further forward on my head, but I'm pleased I managed to get them more even. If anyone has any tips, knows what kind of styling product I should use to keep my hair smoothy smooth and not crunchy while I'm styling this kind of thing, or has ideas what to do with the rest of my bloody hair when I have the rolls in, I'd be more than grateful!



  1. Aaah! I see you added Ariel to your blog! She's my favourite Disney character - obviously! Haha!

    Nice V rolls! I saw Hollywood Noir Makeup do a YT tutorial on them and she made it look quite easy, but I haven't given it a go yet. It looks quite hard to do on long hair, and I have some layers so that might not work either. I love your hair colour, I'm waiting for the highlights I got done last year to grow out and then I'm going much redder! :))

    Kat x

  2. Yeah, she's mine too. I totally dyed my hair because of, fictional mermaid though. Yeah.

    You should check out the tut I used, it's pretty simple, it's just one of those things that takes perfecting

  3. Your hair looks great!! Kinda makes me miss my longer hair. And that Daddy O's site is awesome - if only I had an endless supply of time and/or money!

  4. Your hair is amazing I'm jealous that your hair actually holds the victory rolls. *glares up at own hair* I think they look especially sexy since your hair is red.
    Ah! I just noticed the tiny little beauty mark you put by your eye! Sooooo cuuuuttteeeee!!!

  5. @Megan: I know, right? I was looking for a good pic of Victory Rolls and spent about ten years there. Stop Staring and ModCloth also take up a shaming amount of my time :S

    @Pixie: Aw fanks doll :) I love drawing little beauty spots but I always forget and smudge them *grump*

  6. You look so pretty in the pictures of your second attempt! You make the victory rolls look easy. Keep it up and you will have them perfected in no time!

  7. I've always loved those rolls, I just never knew what they were called. And holy crap I got side tracked by that site! Modcloth stuff will never fit me but the stuff at Daddy O's OMG I WANT I WANT I WANT! And the shoes!!

  8. I think you were born to be a rockabilly. You're freaking gorgeous!

  9. @ ThePeach: Cheers m'dears.... I hope so. I'm trying to get the courage to wear them to work!!

    @KittenMittens: Oh noes, I didn't know they had shoooz...

    @Zombie: :S Thanks hon, I think I'm too lazy to 'be' anything!

  10. Looks great! And god I hate you. Your hair is such a good colour. Ya know I finally reached my perfect red, and I went and fucked it up with a misguided stab at having pink hair, and ended up having to dye over it black/brown. I hate my life. I need to go buy some shoes to fill the void in my soul.

  11. wow! you look amazing!!!! I looooooooooove the color of your hair!!!! is to die for... lovely!!! =)

  12. you look gorgeous! love the make up looks! x

  13. that looks amazing, you're working so hard on the pinup makeup, and it really suits you :)

  14. sorry I meant retro makeup -- is pin-up considered retro nowadays in a world ruled by Lady-Gaga style makeup?


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