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Saturday, 16 October 2010

My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.

Last Friday I came home from work to discover the happiest of all parcels waiting for me - Fyrinnae, your time frame is bollocks. I think you are very sneaky boys and like to make us think we're going to wait for ten years for our order. Mine was made, shipped, and arrived in just under two weeks!

Here's swatches of what I got, skip ahead for some LOTD's.

From the Dias De Los Muertos collection, Sugar Skulls (thanks Heather!), Calavera Cupcakes (my free sample, which I almost bought), Danse Macabre, Madame and Eve's. All the jars of these have cute little sugar skulls on the bottom.

DINOSAUR PLUSHIE, Electro Koi, Polar Bear, Shinigami (thanks Phyrra!) Oh my giddy aunt, Dinosaur Plushie. Ohhhhhhh! XD

Blue Footed Booby (heh), Nijiro, Equality, Moon Child. I really, really like the texture of Blue Footed Booby (heh), the less sparkly shades from Fyrinnae are just as fabulous as the sparklies. Equality did not want to be photographed, but if you don't have it, it really is fabulous - a bloody almost holographic taupey shade. Gorgeous.

I was very good and only got one Lip Lustre, Hair Dye. I was expecting it to be more of a red-based orange, but it looks quite pumpkin-y in real life. Still, I really like it. I've tried it over a couple of orange lippies that turn dirty on me and it fixes them nicely, plus I think it'll look nice with a purple smokey eye, no?

Ok, swatches done....

Dinosaur Plushie all over the lid, Calavera Cupcakes in the crease, Shinigami on the outer V. Collection 2000 Extreme 24h Wear liner (it really bloody is, and all) in Purple. Dinosaur Plushie does not like the camera.

Moon Child all over the lid, with Sugar Skulls in the crease and Polar Bear in the outer corners and lower lashline. I used Nijiro as a highlight, but blended it right out as I thought it was a wee bit glittery for this look. Topped it off with Kryolan Aqua Color in Gold and a bit of UD Bourbon on the lashline, Lollipop Pop on the lips and Glow blush in Charm. I'm not sure I liked this look - I think all the pink made Bourbon look a bit red, making me have the ol' pink eye look. Maybe it's just too warm a look for me. Even so, Polar Bear is beautiful, no?

God, Equality does not photograph! It's so beautiful, and in light of Spirit Day and everything... well, it's awesome. I wore Equality on the lid with Blue Footed Booby (heh) in the crease and lower lashline with Dressed to Kill and Rimmel Soft Kajal in Jungle Green. I paired this with Hair Dye lip lustre and I got lots of nice compliments.

Man, I want to make another order already. But I am on Le Maquillage Ban, and I have to buy some stuff for my first shoot in two weeks - unsuspecting models are letting me loose on their faces! I are scared.



  1. Eeee, the first EOTD is stunning :) Everyone raves about Equality but I thought it was pretty...'meh' when I got it and gave it to my sister haha. I usually get orders in two weeks, too - awesome stuff :D

  2. Love that lippie for sure :) I'm trying to resist a Fyrinnae order atm... thinking I can hold off until I get paid on the 30th and maybe limit myself to a $20 order of samples then... >< >< you're not helping!! I love Dinosaur Plushie. I want to see what you do with Electro Koi as I have that one and it's quite interesting to work with.

  3. LOVE how the look turned out with Calavera cupcakes and the purple liner!

  4. SO many pretty looks here! I'm very jealous of your haul - it's got all the colors *I* want to order. :D

  5. Every single one of those looks are beautiful! I really like the first look!

  6. Errr how much am I regretting not putting Dinosaur Plushie in my order? I don't know what came over me, it was so obvious that I should do so. Never mind, I'll just have to do another Fyrinnae order... Teehee.

    I lurve the first look :)

  7. YAY HAIR DYE!!! And I love the look you did with sugar skulls, polar bear and moon child.

  8. Omg the glitter in Dinosaur Plushie :OOOOO Hair Dye looks fabulous on you, I remember when Mindy was obsessed with that haha.

    I love your liner in the first look, it's perrrrfect :3

  9. Why does everyone have to keep talking about how awesome Dinosaur Plushie is T_T I want it. Stupid no buy.

  10. @Beauty's Bad Habit: Eeeee, thankyou! And yea, I like Equality a lot, for the shade it is, it's awesome, but it is not the sparkle holo fest I was expecting.

    @Cydonian: I wore Electro Koi today :) I am poor too now, but at least I can rest assured I'll get a lot for $20 with Fyrinnae if I can't resist...

    @Painted Moogle: Get them all, they win :D

    @The Peach: Thanks bro! Fyrinnae seems to inspire me. I think its because I can afford to get a lot at once!

    @RaeRae: You DO need it!

    @KittenMittens: Ahfanks, I wasn't sure about it. And I LOVE Hair Dye! Just... love!

    @SilhoutteScreams: I sort of want to wear Dinosaur Plushie everyday.... it's just sooooo cute!

    @Heather: Yea.... it's, er, shit. Don't buy it. :P

    @Phyrra: Awwww, thankyou so much! I really liked it too, I kept finding excuses to look in mirrors all day!


  11. You and your swatches/looks are fuckin' awesome!

  12. Great swatches and the first look is gorgeous.


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