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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Who is this irresistable creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?

Better late than never....

I was stoked to get my Hi-Fi Cosmetics Hallowe'en collection in the post last week. I kept seeing everyone's fab swatches and could not wait to get my grubby mitts on everything. I'll put the swatches at the bottom of this post so as not to bore everyone who has seen them already. So onto some looks!

Phantom Stranger (over Pixie Epoxy on lid, no base as a highlight), Living Dead Girl (crease and lower lashline over P.E), and Creeper (applied sparingly on outer half of lid.) Bit pooey pictures, but you can clicky to make bigger and see the pretty :) Isn't Living Dead Girl the most amazing shade? It's a gorgeous olive-green with holo sparkle.... sigh!

Rusty Axe all over the lid, Lords of Salem in the crease with a little This Is Halloween in the outer V and as liner. You can't see so well, but This Is Halloween is crammed with red sparkles and glitter. Normally, black based shades with coloured glitter really piss me off, but I can't argue when I can eventually make them look pretty! Rusty Axe is SUPER SPARKLY. I love it!

Was in a rush that morning, so just Phantom Stranger on the lid with Omen in the crease and a tiny bit of Dark Carnival in the outer crease. I really love Omen, but I had a little trouble with it - it's much more... well, purple in real life. Hmmm.

Yes, yes, I know my appointment with Mr. Tweezerman is long overdue. Creeper on the lid, Omen in the crease with Dark Carnival in the outer V, Phantom Stranger in the inner corner with a Collection 2000 glitter line and the MAC yogurt dupe from W&W Lust Palette. Creeper is soooo cool! Despite being quite bright, as it's name suggests, it's not a cheery colour - it's nice and dirty, with a little red sparkle.

And now the swatcheroos, just for the record. I know we've all seen these before, but I like swatching collections as it helps me figure out what goes with what.

(Hot Cocoa, Pixie and Chicago were my free samples. I adore Pixie - it has really cute pink sparkles in it.)

U leik? I love this collection and am going to have to get full sizes of Living Dead Girl and Phantom Stranger when I run out.

Anyroo... I have some Fyrinnae swatches and LOTDs coming up, some boring things like liner reviews, and some really awesome geeky manis (one Nightmare Before Christmas, one gamer chic) coming up. Have a fab weekend, I fully intend mine to consist of eating as much and doing as little as possible!

xxx :)


  1. I DO LIEK!! I wish I had gotten Phantom Stranger now. I only picked Creeper and Living Dead Girl in an attempt to limit myself. It failed horrible when the meow collections came out and I felt the need to have a sample of everything. whoooops

  2. There's only one sure way to bring the giant down... I love Rob Zombie!

    Beautiful looks! This is a great collection from Hi-Fi!

  3. Those are amazing looks! I love the reds and Phantom Stranger! I wish I could afford to buy it right now!!

  4. Im loving Living Dead Girl and This Is Halloween!
    Ooh id so do TIH on the lid and then blend it out with LDG! *fumbles around looking for dupes to try this out with*

  5. Goddamnit Rusty Axe is hot, and I love Living Dead Girl on your lower lashline. I wish I'd ordered some samples, at the time I was like NOOOO I HAVE SIMILAR COLOURS SO I WILL JUST GET THE REDRUM LIPGLOSS FOR THE NAME. >_< I suck

  6. (static)
    ... living deeeead giiiiirl...
    ba dom dom dom... ba dom dom dom...

    Ohhai. Sorry.

    Those swatches are AMAZING. Love the colors... I love the greens with your hair, as usual, and the glitter liner look!

  7. i love all the colors, they're so vibrant


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