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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Quickie review - Barry M Nail Instant Nail Effects Crackle Polish

Much to the joy of UK beauty bloggers who very rarely get to play with any exciting polishes, Barry M recently released a crackle polish called 'Black Magic,' just in time for Hallowe'en! About a pound more expensive than their regular range at £3.95, it's nevertheless cheap and I got it with another polish at £5 for the two which is a pretty regular deal.

Over Model's Own 25k Gold.

The label on the bottle tells you not to overlap the polish, whereas in the video on their website, you can see them doing it. I prefer it when you do overlap them - in the smaller picure, I've overlapped the polish and in the larger one, I haven't. If you don't overlap, you kind of get a streaky effect.

Over Claire's Moody/Shy colour change polish.

Pretty cool, huh? Despite being thick, gloopy, stinky and matte, this stuff is pretty awesome - dead easy Hallowe'en mani!



  1. I can't wait to get my mitts on some of this stuff! I can see me playing with the stuff for ages, testing it out with lots of different colours! :)

  2. AAAAA! OMG I LOVE IT AND NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I went to go find it as soon as I knew of its existance and my Superdrug didn't have it :( Plus, you found a UK Claires selling the Mood polishes?!

  3. I'd have fun with that crackle polish too. Now if we can just get it in the States. :)

  4. @Mrs Wedgie: I had to force myself to not do another mani with it!

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: I got them in a swap!

    @Kimberly: I know other beauty bloggers have found that sort of thing in costume shops near Hallowe'en.

  5. These are awesome! I need to try them out, loving the gold ones especially!

  6. It looks like animal print over the gold :D It's interesting to see that the Barry M and Isadora ones crack quite similarly, but don't look the same as the BYS crackle polish!

  7. Looks amazing! :D I'd love to try nail polish like that too! x

  8. I never really got the fuss over crackle nail polish - but now I totally get it! The black and gold is especially hot!

  9. @Kat O: I love Model's Own polishes - the gold is mega-bling irl!

    @Silhoutte Screams: I thought it was different to some others too, which is weird because I guess there's only really one thing it could be?

    @Jonna: It's really fun watching it dry!

    @Kathyefingjacobs: Me either, really, but everyone was fussing over it so I obviously had to get some. Whatever, it's fun!

  10. very nice indeed - a very welcome change from the standard nail polish we all go for! :)


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