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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Since I am dead I can take off my head....

...also, the cake is a lie.

One of my favourite films ever is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, yes, yes, it's totally cliche for anyone who has ever worn a black t-shirt to love that film but I don't give a rat's arse because it's awesome. It's totally and utterly adorable, the animation is fantastic and the Burton/Elfman partnership was never better. Anyway I've been wanting to do a Jack mani FOREVER and I finally decided to do it seeing as I had to cut my nails short (I sliced one of my nails open.... long story.)

I'm really, really sorry I didn't clean my mani up, I know it is very lazy blogging, but I finished it late at night and I wanted to snap a picture before I inevitably chipped it the next day, which I did (sadness!), and I didn't have time to take pics in the morning. Also, the dust is face powder, not crack. Pretty awesome, huh? I'm pleased with the one... my favourite is my left ring and thumb. I just did this with acrylic. And I'll tell you one thing - drawing twelve faces that are composed of just a few blobs and a line REALLY makes you appreciate how talented the animators on this movie were!

And geeky mani no. 2:

Weighted Companion Cube. You are the cutest cube ever. Unfortunately I cannot do you justice, as I used the wrong colours, and just pooed it up a bit and had to take you off right away. Good idea though, right?

Kisses x


  1. Hi! Just found your blog, and I got to saw WOW! at the Jack Skellington nails!!! I was at uni on thursday saying how much I love Tim Burton and that I was going to go home and watch The Corpse Bride because I hadnt seen it in a while (I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas not too long ago!) I even got some Jack pens a few back! People were looking at me like wierdo! These nails are amazing, very impressed! xxx

  2. I'm stealing the Jack Skellington nails!

  3. Looooove love love the Jack nails! I like how you used different expressions for it, they look awesome.

  4. i love the nightmare before christmas too!!! i watch it once a year :p and i'm not ashamed to admit that! hahaha
    love the nails and so cute... how do you manage to draw so well on your nails, i still can't do it :p

  5. Companion cube! :) I am already waiting Portal 2. Waiting time is too long.

  6. @Small Old Bean: I have so much Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, it's ridiculous! People just buy it for me. My favourite is a little PVC handbag with Jack and Sally on.

    @cait: yay, do it!

    @Heather: Thanks! I have a limited edition set of twelve pewter pins and they're all of different Jack faces, which is what made me want to do the mani.

    @Mandy: Hehe, I watch it every Christmas and at Hallowe'en. For my jack mani, I just used black acrylic paint and a paint brush. For the cube mani I used both polish and paint, where I should have just used polish. You can see the cube is all smeary and thin looking whereas Jack isn't.

    @Mary Jane: I'm too rubbish at the first one! I just like falling through portals :S

  7. You seriously are my favorite blogger, ever, and quite possibly my favourite british female... ever. Ok, correct that, YOU ARE. omg, <3 <3 <3 <3 the Jack and Portal manis. Holy cow. You are awesome :D
    I have a secret, not only is Nightmare my favorite movie, I can recite every line in the movie (Rob can tell you) and I also have a Jack pillowcase that I insist upon using. He has gotten me a purple bird covered one that will hold my interest for a few more days, but soon it will be back to Jack :3

    Is that embarassing? For a 23 year old woman? Yes, yes it is.

    Come do my naaaaaaaails!!

  8. ADORABLE!!! I love Nightmare Before Christmas!!!! I would stalk ebay for the Jack and Sally perfumes. I never got them. But I'd still look :D My first 2 wallets were Jack wallets and I have 3 TNBC purses! I had a cell charm that I'd hook to the purses but Jack lost his heads so I don't know where they went. LOVE IT!

  9. awesome mani. love the idea!
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... ....Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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  10. LOOOOOOOOOOVE the Jack nails :D I've been listening to the Nightmare soundtrack so much lately

  11. Companion Cube nails...that is actually so geekily amazing! Yay for Portal :) x

  12. This is awesome!! I love the Jack nails. Cute!

  13. Ahh i love the jacks robrob ... do my nails when you come home ? i have a sexy new Coraly Red =]


  14. @Cydonian: Embarassing?! Hell to the no! I want a Jack pillow case! I used to have loads more NBX stuff but my arsehole friends broke some stuff, like my nodders >:( I still have loads of Disney pins, a few t-shirts, two bags, a license plate, some miniatures, some lego characters, some more Pins that aren't Disney but are limited, bla.

    @JewlieMcK: Thanks :) I wasn't happy with how they turned out, but I like the idea so I'll have to try it again sometime!

    @Megan: I was so sad to take them off!

    @Toni: K :)
    @MissKrimson: Thanks! :D

    @SilhoutteScreams: AHMG I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK! Because Mr Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy in toooooown.... brilliant!



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