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Monday, 25 April 2011

Interview with Jasmine from High Voltage

Due to recent customer service complaints, long order waits, orders going missing and ingredient inconsitencies, I can no longer recommend High Voltage Cosmetics.
What a way to wrap up my High Voltage week! The super awesome omg-I-love-her Jasmine, the owner of High Voltage did an interview for me! Hell to the yeah!

(That's Jasmine, fyi! :P)

1) What led you to create High Voltage and how did you come up with the name?

I have a large background in theatre, and stage makeup.
I've always been exploring anything that was creative that I could get my hands on.
I first started with toying with the idea of creating cosmetics in early 2008, experimenting,researching, formulating.

I was working in the IT field and wasn't happy with my career and had felt I wasn't being creatively expressive enough.So when I wasn't working I was creating new things that I felt very confident about. The name would have to be from my love of rock and metal music.
I came up in my head with a lot of different names and when I chose High Voltage I really felt like it "stuck". I felt that it represented me and what my cosmetics were all about.

2) You often post really cute, bright looks on Twitter, etc. What say you to those who aren't
brave enough to rock bright colours everyday?

First of all THANK YOU! I love your looks too Robyn,you are truly an inspiration to me!
To those who aren't brave enough to wear bright colours, take little baby steps, maybe try wearing a little bit on the lower lash line, or incorporating colour into your look maybe by trying a colour lipgloss/lipstick you love around the house, before taking the full plunge.

3) Is it difficult to have to be both creative and business minded?

Let me tell you I keep a small notebook near me at all times, if I'm not working or I'm out running errands it seems that ideas pop into my head way too often,my brain never seems to let me rest! XD

It's very easy to be business minded,I always think of what my customers would like or dislike.
I often ask for feedback from them quite often, if something isn't of interest or in demand I take that into consideration.

I LOVE my customers very much,without them I wouldn't be nearly inspired enough to try new things:)

4) You're friends with other indie cosmetics company owners online - is it difficult not to
see them as competition?

I love every single one of the ladies I've met from other companies.
I truly find them to be a great source of inspiration and I feel my friendships with them have helped me grow as a human being. I love chatting with them about cosmetics,business,life and anything else really.

I never see anyone as competition,that's not how I view it,The commonality we business owners share are so much more than that. We are artists,we are people,we should embrace one another and learn from one another!

5) You have a Norse Mythology and Brothers Grimm collections - are you into mythology? What other 'geeky' stuff are you into?

I sure do! I grew up loving Vikings, anything to do with vikings and Norse mythology. I also really enjoy Egyptian Mythology as well.

I really love Dungeons & Dragons,I grew up around my cousin who used to play it all the time.
I enjoy painting miniatures that are used in D&D. I'm a total horror and b movie fanatic,I guess you could call me a fan girl:)

Awesome Norse Mythology swatches. More here.

6) What does your working day look like?

My work day starts at around 8 AM and doesn't end until I'm done working. My day could end anytime from 7 PM to 2 AM.

You are probably wondering when do I sleep?
Not often enough!:)

7) It seem like you're always working on something - what do you do to relax?

I am indeed ALWAYS working on something. I often start a lot of projects and work on them from a few weeks to months. I guess I love being creative whenever I can! I enjoy spending time with my children,watching a good movie,and listening to some music:)

8) Why did you decide to create Aces High, the new High Voltage membership club?

I decided to creative Aces High because a lot of my customers are frequent buyers,
I wanted them to feel appreciated by offering them special gifts when they ordered and thank them for their busines essentially.

9) You come up with new colours/products all the time. What's your favourite to make? Do you have a least favourite?

I sure do! My favourite product to make is probably the lip products. I love all the different finishes that lip products can have. I like making anything from bright to dark to sultry. There's nothing I dislike making:)

A couple of my favourite Lip Candies - Material Girl and Take The Stage

10) Your products are mostly named for rock and metal songs - Where does the inspiration for the colours themselves come from?

The inspiration comes from the music it's self,different times periods,a lot of the names are either song refrences or refrences from lyrics themselves.
Music has always been a huge part of my life and always will,it's been a true inspiration for me.

11) Do you have a signature scent?

My signature scent would have to be Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path.

12) If, because of some improbable twist of awfulness, you could only keep one of your eye colours and one of your lip colours, which would you choose?

Oh no! I would never want that to happen,haha,but if it ever did, I'd probably keep Immortal Desire eye shadow (Duochrome goodness!)and the one lip product I'd keep is Pretty Woman Lip Candy.

Immortal Desire Eyeshadow. Picture property of High Voltage.

13) Do you have any pets?

I sure do! I have 2 pet rattie Boys that I love so much. I've always been a rodent person:) They are far too cuddly to not love!

14) And finally (because this is what's important to me!), what's your favourite candy?!

My favourite candy would have to be lemonheads!

Jasmine, thanks so much for being an inspiration to all us makeup geeks! You can follow Jasmine on Twitter @HighVoltageMU and you can look at High Voltage pretties here!

I love doing 'Love Weeks!' More suggestions, please - Darling Girl? Evil Shades?


  1. I love high voltage! What a cool person jasmine is :)

  2. Aw, I really think Jasmine is the most 'in touch' of the indie makeup company owners with her customers. Always chatting to folk on Twitter and asking opinions :) I've enjoyed your High Voltage week <3

  3. Awesome interview! Thanks to Jasmine for taking the time to do the interview! She definitely has some great products. I need to pull out some of my High Voltage and start using it more!

  4. What an inspiration! Thanks for doing this interview!

  5. I love reading interviews... you learn so much about someone! Cool stuff, dude :)

  6. amazing interview! I just bought the frozen love lip candy...the colors are so unique and gorgeous...what an amazing person

  7. @Ki: Me too, what's not to love?

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: I know, you can tell she cares and it's so nice.

    @The Peach: Oooh I'd love to see you do a HV look!

    @Skulda: Thanks! *puts on 1940's style reporter hat*

    @Manda: Thanks, it was fun to do!

    @Sari: I know, she's amazing right?

    @Cydonian: Me too. I mean, one of the best things about buying indie is that there a 'real person,' behind it. Oh I know what I mean.

    @Jess: Man I love me some Lip Candy!

  8. Awesome post, the interview was a great way to end HV love week! Jasmine looks super cute, I love her necklace and makeup in the picture!

  9. Ahh this is wonderful! I love Jasmine, she's such a sweetie to me. I've only bought from her once but she treats me like a real friend. And I LOVED what I got from her, the lip products are just amazing.


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