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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

High Voltage Swatches: New Products!

Due to recent customer service complaints, long order waits, orders going missing and ingredient inconsitencies, I can no longer recommend High Voltage Cosmetics.
More High Voltage, folks. Not even sorry ;)

A couple of weeks ago High Voltage released a couple of new duochromes, and despite wanting every single one of their lip products, I restrained myself and ordered a few samples. But Jasmine, the owner of the company, was awesome and threw in two Whipped Shadows and a Lip Whip! Like, mega hooray!

Let's look at pretty things!

First up is Lip Whip in 100% proof. (EDIT: This shade isn't released yet.) I'm dead pleased I got this shade as it's one I certainly would have chosen myself. I've bought a few orange/coral lip products from High Voltage, and it's nice to think that maybe a company owner notices what you like! A lovely light creamy orange with orange-gold shimmer.

The squeezy tube is the old packaging. I wasn't sure if I'd like the new packaging as to me, the Lip Whips are very similar to OCC Lip Tars and I was worried it'd be messy to apply, or that you wouldn't be able to get enough out to mix them. The above swatch was done with the doefoot and I had no problems - and a little goes a long way, so I don't think mixing will be a big deal. And I love the new cute labels!

Mirror Image, Blue Suede Shoes.

Whipped Shadows are another fairly new addition to the HV Line. The consistency is creamy rather than moussey. Both shades are very pigmented with just a hint of shimmer. I'm quite keen to use these as a base - I'll review that later if people want.

 Tangerine Dream. Messiest swatch ever. *embarrassed*

Hot In The City. Green duo is much more apparent in real life.Site says a violet duo, but it looks green to me.

Malibu Beach. Pink with lilac shift.

I was really intruigued by the release of the Amplified Lip Powders. Basically, they're powder pigments for your lips - you can mix them with gloss or balm or other lipsticks, or whatever. (These are all swatched over a light layer of balm.) You might think, 'What's the point?,' but plenty of bloggers mix up their own glosses and lip colours and it's nice to be sure that there are colours that are lip safe! I think this is a fun product and I'm uber keen to try them as blushes, too!

Left to right: Lady Stardust (Futuristic Collection),  Addicted to Love (matte), Heavy Metal (matte), Rind (Norse Mythology collection), Good Girl Gone Bad.

Yea, I bought some purples. How gorgeous?! Everything was photographing a little blue, but take it from me that Heavy Metal shits all over every other purple I own. I can't wait to use it in a look! If you're a duochrome lover, I'd grab at least a sample of Good Girl Gone Bad - purple with orange duo? Yeeeea.

Left to right: Astral Romance, Rhythm and Blues, California Sunshine, Cherry Bomb, Mjoinir (Norse Mythology), Nocturnal Passion (matte.) Couldn't capture these with flash :(

Once again, I'm blown away by how pretty the Norse Mythology colours are! I'm glad I picked up Nocturnal Passion, as I'm really lacking in green mattes that aren't retina-searing. The duochrome in Cherry Bomb (Pinky red with a blue-green shift) and California Sunshine (er... burgundy pink with blue shift) are fab - I had a bugger of a time catching them on camera though.

Well, that's all from me kids. I've been a busy bee I promise I'll have some looks for you soon!


  1. I want Hot in the city!!! *stamps foot*

  2. I'm lemming that entire Norse Mythology collection. SO PRETTAY! I ordered 10 lip whips on sale, and I'm patiently waiting for them. They're in IL right now. *shakes fist*

  3. Oooooooooooooooooooh I really really love Hot in the City! Also, I think lip powders are a fantastic idea, when screwing around with lip stuff I often add powders over top of glosses and lipstick! I love ALL of the lip powders!
    P.S. I should love to see some of the pictures from the UV photoshoot!
    -Luv, Vulcan_Butterfly
    I'm commenting as ANONYMOUS because Blogger won't let me comment under my Google Account I.D.

  4. I love that first orange/coral lip colour, it's gorgeous :)

  5. Eee, the first colour is gooorgeous! I'd love to try some lip whips at some point, Jasmine put up the 'vanilla scent' option since I don't like mint - seems rude not to buy any...right?!

  6. Hot in the city is amazing - I don't see any green duo at all!

  7. 100% proof is my fave thing, that lippie is fab on you :)


  8. Love Hot in the City and Malibu Beach! And Whipped Shadows?! I'm going to have to go browse HV! Didn't know she had new products out! Yes, I live in a cave!

  9. California Sunshine, Rind, Good Girl Gone Bad and 100% Proof all look awesome! Want.

  10. i think you just converted me to high voltage... gorgeous lippies. i especially love hot in the city, it kind of reminds me of mac's thrills.

  11. @Ki: It's such a cute song. And, it's Billy Idol!

    @ViijiS: I wearing Moljnir... Mjoinir even... today. I think I might have to buy samples of all the rest soon! I bought some Lip Candy on sale and I can't wait!

    @Vulcan Butterfly: It was a fun shoot! I've got a few pics back, I'll wait till I have more and then I'll do a post.

    @Catflicks: It'll be coming to a smokey eye near you soon!

    @BBH: VERY rude not to!

    @Kat: It's definitely there irl, I just couldn't capture it. It's not too in your face, though, it's really fab!

    @Vonnie: It's so fun! They're great formulas too.

    @The Peach: Lol, you don't live in a cave, I think Jasmine is just very prolific and cranks stuff out all the time! I'll review the shadows once I've played with them more.

    @Silhouette Screams: California Sunshine... I don't know what to pair with with. Orange?!

    @JC!: Certainly worth checking out, there are a LOT of pretties. The lip colours are my favourite indie lip products.

  12. I love that first lipstick, it's very 1960's, isn't it? xxx

  13. ♥ Malibu beach, and 100% proof looks very wearable :)
    Please please do a review on the whipped shadows... do they alter the colour of loose powder if you use them as a base?

  14. @Vintage Vixen: Ooh, yes, I suppose it is! Maybe I'll do a fun mod look with it :)

    @Lillian: HV lippies are very covetable! I'm surprised at how much I like the lip powders, they're a fun product and they look great.

    @Martian Delights: Review coming up. They do change the colours - I wore Mirror Image under Mjoinir yesterday and it deepened it a lot. It looked nice! No creasy either... but more to come!

  15. Love this post, but it makes me want it all! I love 100% proof and Malibu Beach. Even the eyeshadows look fab and I'm awful at applying it, but they are so pretty :) xxx

  16. 100% proof is fracking gorgeous, that might have to be mine when it comes out! I need the Norse Mythology colors already, waaaah!


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