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Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Heart Darling Girl (Swatches!)

I don't quite have enough Darling Girl to do a Love Week for them yet, but I'm getting there! I got an adorable package from them today and had to swatch everything for you guys right away!

Loving the cute note from Susan and the new labels on the jars.

I ordered:
'Pinky Swear' Colour Changing Liquid Kisses (mini)
'Azalea' Soft Focus Blush (mini)
'Yes, Virginia' Soft Focus Blush (mini)

Samples of:
Saddle Up, Black Arabian, My Little Pony, Mr Ed, Mustang, Unicorn, Dapple, Sea Biscuit, A Horse With No Name.

And I recived a mini jar of 'Clusterfluff' as GWP, an unnamed sample, a sample of 'Wallflower' Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm, and a sample of 'Polynesian Paraside' Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub. Not bad! Let's have a butchers - click to make them bigger.

 'Wallflower' Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm. Pretty tinted for a lip balm - it even has a blue shift! The most gorgeous balm I've come across, that's for sure.

'Pinky Swear' Colour Shifting Liquid Kisses. I bought this because I really, really wanted a more wearable gloss with a blue shift - I have Ultra Phantom by Fyrinnae, and it's just too blue.

Left, 'Yes, Virginia,' Soft Focus Blush, right, 'Azalea' Soft Focus Blush. Struggled to capture these, sorry! I adore Darling Girl blushes and I've been looking for colours I can wear with purple lips lately. 'Azalea' is a hot raspberry, 'Yes, Virginia' is a pinky-lilac.Can't wait to try them out.

Left, unnamed colour. Right, 'Clusterfluff.' Best name ever, amirite?! To me, it's a lilac-ish silver with pink and blue sparkels. It reminds me a little of Fyrinnae Calavera Cupcakes - I think they might be very pretty together. 'Clusterfluff' is a GWP shade which I don't think always get made permanent, so should you see one you like, nab it! The unnamed shade has a green shift with aqua sparkles - so, so pretty.

Left to right: 'A Horse With No Name,' 'Sea Biscuit,' 'Dapple,' 'Unicorn'.

Left to right: 'Mustang,' 'Mr Ed,' 'My Little Pony,' 'Black Arabian,' 'Saddle Up.'

These are all the shadows from 'All The Pretty Little Horses' collection, with the exception of 'Black Beauty.' I didn't buy it because, even though I was only getting sample sizes ($0.60, baby!) I so rarely wear black eyeshadows I  didn't see the point. My faves are 'Mustang,' a gorgeous plum-brown with a pinky sheen, 'Mr Ed,' a slightly peachy gold, and 'My Little Pony,' a soft lilac with green shift, which everyone has been going totally nuts for. As per usual, swatches do it no justice! I think 'Saddle Up' and 'A Horse With No Name' would be a really pretty combo with winged liner and red lips. Overall, I think this is an awesome collection - I love neutrals with that little something extra! Sadly no looks from me as I literally got this package, swatched it, posted it. I'm off on holiday at stupid o'clock this morning, I'll be back next  weekend.

If you've never tried an indie company before, I'd really recommend Darling Girl as there's genuinely something for everyone, (while I love geeky, gothic, silly named products, etc, I know they're not always for everyone) and the majority of products have samples and/or mini sizes starting from $0.60, which is awesome! Buy pretty things here and follow Susan, the owner on Twitter @dgcosmetics.


  1. These are so pretty I just got a little haul from DG she is always so efficent and the colours so pretty. You must get a hologloss!!

  2. Haha clusterfluff! Luv that name! I really like daring girl..her halo lip glosses r awesome! Those eyeshadows r beautiful..great choices

  3. Clusterfluff! Thats a great name! Thanks for the swatches and review! I'm sure you know I love Darling Girl as well! Can't wait to place an order when my 30 detox is over!

  4. Haha, Clusterfluff, love it! I love the look of Pinky Swear :)

  5. I know I should try Darling Girl... everyone's been telling me so, but I just have so much other stuff to review, etc. Ah, well.

  6. Her prices are AMAZING. I have a small order coming to me that I'm really excited about. It feels like I ordered a good amount of things and I think I paid like $13 with shipping. Susan seems really nice, too. These are the types on indie companies I love supporting.

  7. Clusterstuff looks really interesting ! Can't remember if I ordered it or not ! Guess I'll have to place another order if I haven't... shame.... :)

  8. Wallflower is so pretty! The shadows all look lovely too esp. My Little Pony :)
    Have a lovely holiday! xxx

  9. Thanks for posting these lovely swatches. :D Thought I would let you know the unnamed shade has a name now. It's Flan de Naranja, it's part of a dessert themed collection that will be coming out soon.

    Have a great holiday!

  10. I've not tried Darling Girl but the blushes and lip things you got look lovely!

  11. hm i've never heard of his brand! but all the things you got look fabulous, i'll have to check it out. thanks for sharing! please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment <3


  12. Clusterfluff is so pretty! I'm really loving her products.

  13. Lovely swatches, I love the name Clusterfluff!!! Have a great holiday!

  14. beautiful colours :) and clusterfluff is a brilliant name! ha ha!

  15. ooh these look lovely, ive not heard of them before xx


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