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Friday, 27 May 2011

UV Shoot

I thought I'd show you guys a few photos I've got back from a UV shoot I went on last weekend. It was quite a small shoot and I didn't do the most astonishing or well executed makeup in the world, but it was really fun. Be warned - there are some boobs in this post, but they're well covered. Sorry, pervs.

Corinna by Al Veryard

 Me and a very messy table by Dark Horse Photos. Here be nudes, should you click on it.

A lovely shot of how messy I manage to make an enormous work station! It's very boring hanging around waiting for models/set up/people to make you tea and I felt very underdressed with no UV makeup on, so I switched my eyebrows while I was waiting ;)
The UV makeup I used was a combination of Kryolan Aqua Colors, Sleek Acid (not all of them are UV, just the neon green, yellow, orange and pink) Fardel paints and Evil Shades:

Forgive my dry lips, but that's Evil Shade's Fateful*. Cool huh? Their 'Backtalk' blush glows too.

That's all for now, shiny seekers!

*D'oh, it's actually Fearless, but apparently the glitter in Fateful is also UV reactive :)


  1. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! These photos are awesome! It looks like so much fun to be able to do makeup for photoshoots! Love the pink eyebrows!
    Fateful glows under UV????? How did I miss this? I stick EVERYTHING under a UV light (I am a little odd in that department...) Backtalk also glows? ***RUNS to get out makeup and blacklight.........

  2. P.S. the above comment by the UV reactivity-loving weirdo above is from Vulcan_Butterfly. Blogger is very special and is only letting me post comments under "anonymous" on your blog right now....

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

  4. Love the eyebrows! I don't use the neon sleek colours, or my own lonely neon kryolan aquacolor enough!
    I just got two neon nail colours in the post today with an Illamasqua discount code (I got the yellow and bright pink) Can't wait to try them out. This post got me excited about it :D x

  5. Awesome photos! Also... Yay boobs? I like that picture best. =]

  6. Thanks for sharing! I have been loving your pic's from photo shoots. I love the UV flowers, so cute!

  7. Mmmm glowy. Love the UV flowers!

  8. Ooooh UV makeup... really cool shoot idea!

  9. Some of the Sleek Acid colours are UV reactive?! I did not know this! I must try them out in a nightclub, then again I rarely go anywhere with UV lights...

  10. I guess I should put it on the site about Fateful being Blacklight I had no clue. I'm guessing it's the purple shimmer that grabs the light.
    Such a fun shoot....I love the entire thing!

  11. What a cool post, I've never heard of a UV photo shoot before. You look really pretty and the shots are very unique, you have a really nice blog. Following you now

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  12. EPIC! I love the second photo with the flowers. I must procure a blacklight somehow and see how Fateful looks on me :D

  13. That. is. awesome! I love the second pic with the flowers painted all over her. How fun!

  14. Such a great shoot idea! Awesome pics :)

    Jonna xx


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