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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sleek Paraguya Palette Tutorial

I've never done a picture tutorial before, so go easy on me! I've been asked to do tutorials in the past but I don't feel as if I have a structured routine for my makeup, as I am sure you will shortly agree. So with that in mind, here's a really simple look for y'all. Hope you like!

Here's the look:

And here's how to get it:

 Prime your eyelid using your primer of choice. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion.

 Cover the lid in a cream shadow base to help colours look more vibrant. I'm using NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk. Apply it sparingly and pat it in with your ring finger to prevent creasing.

 On the inner half of your lid, apply Sleek Persian Orange, or any bright orange peach, by packing it onto the lid.

 On the outer half of the lid, pack on Sleek Peach gold, or another reddish peach. Blend a little more of the Persian Orange over the line where the shadows meet. I do this by holding your shadow brush vertically and making side-to-side motions where the colours join up.

 Start adding Sleek Stone, or a dark matte brown, to your outer crease using a fluffy brush.

 ...and blend it towards your nose. Apply more to the outer corner, blend, repeat until you've got your desired colour depth and shape. (If your colour is dragging, you might have applied a bit too much primer/base and it will 'grab' the colour. Keep at it!)

 Along the top of the brown colour, add a little more of the darker peach shade.Apply a matte highlight -  I used Sandstone from the Paraguaya palette.When applying the highlight this will blend in that line of the darker peach you just added. You can also add some highlight to the inner corner of your eye.

 Now add some more base to your lower lid. I applied this now rather than at the start, because I didn't want to get dark brown fallout all over it.

 Add the lighter peach colour on the inside...

... and the darker colour on the outside.

 Line your lashlines with Stone or whatever brown you're using, and join the lines up in the corners so it meets the crease colour.

 ...and add a sweep of black liquid liner with a thin brush and white liner on the waterline if you want - I just don't personally have decent enough lashes to get the definition I want with brown liner alone.

 Add mascara and fill in your brows. I used MUA eyebrow pencil in blonde and set it with a medium brown shadow from Sleek Storm palette. You can finish your eyes now if you want...

 ...But I wanted falsies! Clean up your fall out and do your foundation, concealer, etc.

 On the back on your cheeks (or wherever, it's your face), add a light peach blush. I'm using Darling Girl Boardwalk. Buff the blush in circular motions backwards towards your hairline, and then buff it forwards towards your apples to blend it all in nicely.

Add a peachy lip -I mixed GOSH Velvet Touch lippie in Darling and Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Rickrolled -  and I then added a wee bit of orange gloss on top of this.

And you're done!

That was fun! Thanks for reading.


  1. Beautiful, perfect look for blue eyes! And your tutorial pics are superb! I love the peachy lip, I often combine this kind of look with bright red or coral lippie but I'll try a softer one next time.

    Btw I just got my first Shiro Intertubes and I love them so much! Your swatches made me want Leeroy so bad I couldn't wait any longer :D

  2. Gorgeous ! And your tutorial is awesome :D . I wasn't sure that i should buy the Paraguya-palette , but after seeing this look ... yummie i love the colors ! So it comes to my collection this palette :D

  3. I love the peach tones on you, this palette seems really awesome! Persian Gold is my favorite, I think. The lippie goes well too! Anyway... nice tutorial! You managed to get the photos congruent and clear!

  4. wow that look is amazing well done :D

  5. lovely! i dont see what you mean by unstructured at all..? beautiful!

  6. Oooh lovely I don't use this palette enough. Also, you's good at tutorials. I particularly liked ''or wherever, it's your face'' <3 x

  7. this is so pretty. i just literally managed to get my hands on a paraguaya palette, i cant wait to play with it :) :) :) weeeee

  8. Yay Robyn! I love what you did here; I was running out of ideas for what to do with this palette already, heh.

    The tutorial was awesome and you actually showed every step. I'm still such a noob at eye shadow that it confuses the hell out of me when people just say, "Okay, and add this color here and here," and don't show pictures.

  9. very look - especially like the combo you did for your lips!

  10. Beautiful! I love this palette, but haven't gotten it yet. I think Persian Gold is soooo beautiful!

  11. I think you did great for your first picture tutorial. Great eye makeup too.

  12. excellent tutorial! u did an amazing job at explaining everything! I am goign to try this look out for sure because I have not even touched my palette yet :P

  13. WOW! The eyeshadow colours look awesome on you! I enjoyed the tutorial. I also really love the blush and mix of lipcolours on you as well, they look great with your skintone!

  14. This just made me realise that my blending skills need work :P great job! :D

  15. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial :) you created an amazing look. LOVE it! <3

  16. Aww gorgeous really gorgeous, i love these tutorial posts. Your blending is perfect xx

  17. Great tutorial! It looks gorgeous on you :) I'm rubbish at eyeshadow still, so I really love this kind of tutorial :D xxx

  18. This is so beautiful! I love the color combos! I really like your tutorial style as well- it's clear and easy to follow. Care if I dupe this and link back?

  19. Wow- that was a great tutorial. I never thought to do the underline after- I usually just think "eh, I'll milk it all at the same time" but you're right: fallout cleaning, it happens. Thanks for the tutorial :)


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