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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 6

Today is Dinosaur Plushie day, hooray!

Lid: Dinosaur Plushie
Crease: Bite Me
Outer V/Lower lashline: Shinigami

Wendy asked me to use Dinosaur Plushie with a red, if I had any red Fyrinnae shadows, and as I just so happened to have Bite Me, I saw no reason not to! MakeUp Zombie also did a really cool look recently using red and purple, so I decided to throw Shinigami into the mix as Dinosaur Plushie looks really rad with purples.

Fear not, pigmentation fans - I applied Bite Me/Shinigami without using Pixie Epoxy (Dinosaur Plushie NEEDS it as it's quite sheer - and you do need to pack it on the get the lovely foil-y effect). You can see my swatches of these shades here and here.

Sob, tomorrow is the last day of Fyrinnae week and there are so many shadows I haven't given any love! AND tomorrows look is going to have to be a boring one as I have an interview! Waaaa!


  1. Holy crap that is awesome! I think I need Dinosaur Plushie now.

  2. This is my favorite look! I think that I maybe have three of the same colors that you have too!

    I vote for another Fyrinnae week!!

  3. Nice eyemakeup. I always love the foil-y effect.

  4. Yay! I love rocking red shadow and love it when other people brave red shadow :D
    Dinosaur plushie looks awesome, as soon as they get their pixie epoxy back in stock i'm putting in another order!

  5. This reminds me of Fire Gobies, beautiful!

    Good luck with your interview :)

  6. This is my favourite so far! :o

  7. this is so gorgeous and I luv ur hair in braids

  8. I am so glad you love Fyrinnae!

  9. Dinosaur Plushie is gorgeous! I love the deep red of Bite Me. Dood. I *need* more Fyrinnae!

  10. I told you on Twitter I needed a new pair of pants! This is really awesome. If I ever get around to ordering from Fyrinnae again, Dinosaur Plushie and Shinigami are miiiiine

  11. Damn, I love Dinosaur Plushie! And I would never think to pair red and purple - but this is gorge!

  12. Dinosaut plushie is one of the most beautiful shades ever !

  13. @Darling Girl: You really do, it's such fun!

    @Kimberly: Another week?! Blogging every day?! Pffffff.... maybe! :D

    @Charlotte Sparkle: Me too, it always feel a bit special.

    @Copy Cat: Cheers! :)

    @TGW: I am scared to rock full-on red shadow most days, but it's more wearable than people think if you blend it down, right?

    @SepiaRaven: It so does! I love cute little fishies!

    @Skulda: Me too, I love the plushie!

    @Jess: Me too! I think once you're past a certain age it's ok to wear them again, lol!

    @MakeUp Zombie: How could I not?

    @Megan: *poke* Buy more, they so cheeeap! Or steal Wendis!

    @Cydonian: Shinigami is aaaaaawesome when it's not rubbed down, so pretty.

    @Kathyeffingjacobs: I'd not think to pair them together either, I stole the idea!

    @Martian Delights: and surprisingly wearable! ...No?!


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