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Friday, 2 September 2011

Matchy-matchy with Sleek Suede Blush

Sleek have just brought out the Nude collection, and having just gorged on neutral eyeshadows I was good for the palette and just bought the Suede blush as I have nothing really like it in my collection. As soon as I’d got it in my grubby paws, I knew I wanted to do a matchy-matchy look – I have done ever since I saw this utterly gorgeous tutorial by Lisa Eldridge. Go and watch it, seriously. It's makeup porn if ever there was any.


I just put a skin coloured shadow all over the lid, then applied Sleek Suede in the crease and lightly dusted it over the centre of the lid as well. Obviously I put the blush on my cheeks as well, and I even mixed it with clear lipgloss and applied it to the lips! I have to say I really like this look. I don't normally go this soft so that's saying something.
So next time I’m feeling a bit poor, I’ll be searching to see what I can do with one product in my stash! (If you're not sure if something is eye safe, just pass on that item! I don't want anyones eyes to fall off.) I'm quite keen to use some of my brighter Sleek blushes as eyeshadows ever since seeing Jerry use them.

Do you ever use one product for multiple uses?


  1. Ha, I see that this inspires a lot of people!

  2. I love Lisa Eldridge! Shes absolutely amazing. The soft shades really suis you as well! Beautiful x

  3. Very pretty! I usually only use one product for multiple things when I'm travelling, just to save bringing loads haha!

  4. I love this! Enjoyed watching lisa's video, might have to try it out now! x

  5. This is a great soft, natural look! Love it!

  6. I usually keep products to just their intended uses. I feel weird doing anything else.

  7. PRETTYYYYYYY. And oh hey, thanks for the shout out ^___^

  8. I enjoyed that video too, inspired me to try it, though haven't got around to it yet! It really looks nice on you :)

  9. I really like this idea, the finished look came off very sophisticated looking.


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