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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Quickie Review: Silk Naturals Cream Blush

Some indie cream blushes for you all today! Silk Naturals very kindly sent me some of thier cream blushes which I believe are new for Fall. (In England, we call it "autumn." We're very tricksy, us Brits.)


Interestingly, these come in a tube like a lip balm. At first my mind went 'weird!,' and then I thought... why is that weird? It actually works out quite well as you can just dab it directly where you need it, which is quite nice for on-the-go.  Fingers (clean!) are the best brush sometimes, I don't care what anyone says! If I'm off on a night out I do like to touch up my make-up and a teeny-tiny handbag sized blush is a wicked addition to my arsenal.


Tickled on the right, Avalanche on the left.


Tickled blended out, Avalanche blended out.

Candy Apple on the right, Entice on the left.


Candy Apply blended on the right, Entice blended on the left.

Tickled and Avalanche have a more creamy texture and finish, though Avalanche blends out more chunkily.  I'll be trying Tickled as a lippy soon! Candy Apple and Entice are more glossy - when you apply them on the skin, you get a more natural look. All of these apart from Avalanche left a very slight stain on my arm which came off when washing. I don't notice a stain on my face.

Candy Apple on the cheek. Hellllooo, pores and acne marks!

I was pretty impressed when I wore Candy Apple - it lasted from when I applied it around 8.00 and was still on and going strong when I looked at 3.00 that afternoon. I had powdered over it with my face powder, but I thought that was still pretty good for a cream blush nonetheless. My Inglot ones certainly don't last that long without fading noticeably anyway.

I've not worn Avalanche on my cheeks yet as I prefer something warmer normally, but here I've worn it as a brow highlight and think that will become it'll be regularly used as as it blends out to a nice sparkle - click to embiggen and see. I used to use Benefit Mr Frosty a lot for highlighting, which is ridiculously priced for what it is, and is in a big chunky pencil so you lose a lot when you sharpen it. Silk Naturals say this can be used over lipstick so I'll have to try that,

I've only used Entice under a powder blush but I will update once I've worn it on it's own. (I've not worn Tickled yet either, so likewise.) Before I applied the powder blush, I did note that I didn't look like I'd been punched in the cheek which is what quite often happens if I wear anything vaguely purple on my face. I still think this would be a lovely shade for darker skin tones, though.

What are y'alls favourite cream blushes?

I don't have to do a disclaimer, cos I iz English, but, Silk Naturals sent me these for review. If they were awful or I didn't like them, you'd still be hearing about it.


  1. From what I remember of silk naturals, te cream blushes weren't in tubes! But I like this packqging :-) and candy apple looks lovely!

  2. I loooove cream blushes and these are gorgeous! I need to add these to my Silk Naturals wish list. I like NYX's cream blushes and Revlon has some nice ones for a drugstore brand. I also love Smashbox's cream blushes, but they allow release them sometimes as limited editions. I also want to try Darling Girl's cream blushes!

  3. These all look really pretty and I like that they are in tubes! Although I might mistake them for lippies lol! I might need to pick up Avalanche, I'm a sucker for a pretty highlighter!

  4. Tickles looks great! =D Interesting as a brow highlight, too.

  5. Oh wait, it's AVALANCHE you used as a brow highlight. FAIL. Also, I typo'd 'Tickled'. xP

  6. Yay! Thanks for the swatches! I was kind of curious about these. I am a fan of cream blushes and wondered how these wore!

  7. Tickled is lovely, want it for my handbag! I carry around the a Topshop cream blush but it would be much handier to have tube.

  8. I'm not the greatest fan of cream blushers since my skin is super oily, but I have some that i often use for primer. so do you think these may work??
    and oh yes, cream blushers on lips - a definite hit!

  9. Oooh these sound great! I really like the idea of them being packaged in those tubes, clever!

  10. Oh crap, I NEED Tickled and Candy Apple. And the fact that they come in a tube? Amaaaaazing. :D

  11. I've never used cream blush since my cheeks are pretty red on their own. But I do like the colors you swatched :) They look good on you!

  12. Oooh, I'd love to try some of these!


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