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Friday, 9 September 2011

Inglot Cream Foundation Review

I normally use Revlon Colorstay for my foundation, and while I still love it and would recommend it if you like a long-lasting, high coverage foundation the packaging is pretty poor - messy, heavy, and generally a pain in the arse. So, I popped into Inglot a couple of weeks, asked for thier longest wearing foundation, and was shown thier Cream Foundation, which according to the store MUA is medium to heavy coverage. Sounded perfect.

Hooray for functional packaging! While I don't like white packaging for makeup as it inevitably gets stained with other makeup (*cough* Sleek Bohemian *cough*) I'm not anal about that sort of thing, I'd much prefer that it works. Plus it does come in a box, so... er, that can get ratty instead.

Inglot carry five types of foundation - the Cream Foundation, the AMC Cream Foundation, the YSM Cream Foundation, the AMC Mousse Foundation and a Cream Powder. I have no idea what differences between them all are, although if I recall correctly the AMC Cream is the most expensive and the YSM Cream is the least. They also carry various types of concealers, pressed and loose powders, illuminators and correctors, body tanners, etc etc, as well as face stuff for the Freedom Palette system.

Inglot Cream Foundation is £14 for 30ml, compared to £12.49 for the Revlon Colorstay or £19.50 for MAC Studio Fix... I'd say medium price range.

Anyway... let's see it in action.

As you can see, it's a fairly thick cream (water based, FYI.) It has a very light grapefruit-y scent, which doesn't last on the skin.
I'm shade 21, which shockingly is the lightest shade! I automatically went to pick up the second and third lightest shades to swatch, and the MUA in store grabbed the lightest right away. I was pretty surprised, but she admitted that thier colour selection doesn't go very pale, which is a shame. There are 15 shades in this type of foundation, however, seemingly with plenty for darker skin tones, so.. swings and roundabouts with the shade range. Selfishly I don't mind as I got a match, tee hee.

Now let's shove it on my face:

Naked face on top, covered on the bottom.

Bare skin on the left, covered skin on the right. Applied with fingers, no powder, primer, or concealer. Apologies for the wonky photo lay-out... blogger will NOT move them, and nor will Live Writer. I've resized them, shouted at them, begged and pleaded to no avail.

So far, so good. Admittedly, my skin tone isn't terrible (my problems tend to lie in my awfully dry skin which still manages to have an oily t-zone) but it's doing a pretty good job on any blemishes/milia (this is why you need a decent skin routine, folks). As I expected, it's looking a little cakey on my chin, which was quite dry, but apart from problem areas, this is a lovely finish. Not too matte, but not dewey either. I'd say this is medium, coverage. I wouldn't class it as heavy but it it's fairly buildable.

Will I repurchase? I think so. Without powder, I'm getting about 6 hours wear and then I need a little dusting of powder on the t-zone, and with powder I can get a couple more shine-free hours. I am doing a powder touch up at around 2 or 3 o'clock with this (I normally apply my makeup at around 8.00). So, while the Inglot does have lighter coverage than my regular foundation, I like it a lot and I think I'll be back for more.

The only downside I'm seeing to this is that if I layer it under the eyes as a concealer, it does collect in my fine lines much quicker than my Colorstay and it's getting rubbed off under my glasses (on the bridge of my nose and the side of my face) quicker, so it's not that transfer-resistant. On the flipside I don't have to take a Brillopad to my face to get it off!


  1. thanks for the review. it real covers well :) I think I am getting foundation from them too soon.

  2. Interesting. No matter what I do, no foundation I've tried is smudge resistant. I might just blow my nose sometimes to see it all come off on the tissue :( Do you know of any that don't do that and if so I want a review! xxxx

  3. Wow, it's a perfect match for your skin! It looks great on you. I can never find a foundation light enough for me, so I hardly wear them. And the ones that I do find pale enough seem to be too yellow. Luckily my skin is decent enough to get away with not wearing it.

    I really want to try Inglot, but I there isn't a store anywhere withing several states of me and their website intimidates me with it's shitty swatches. Ah well, maybe I can convince the boy to take me to Las Vegas. I think they have an Inglot there.

  4. There is nothing wrong with being the lightest shade available!! ;-) In fact, I actually had to *tell* a makeup artist that I needed the lightest shade. She kept trying to get me to use one that was two shades above the lightest. Past experience, however, reminds me that I do not want the Line of Foundation Demarcation of Doom. It needs to blend into my neck and decolletege (sp??) and trust me... they are as pale as it gets. I insisted on the palest, she relented, I went home and yep--I was right. Perfect match.

    ANYWAY... would you say that this foundation has any oil control to it? I do love a medium to full coverage, and really dislike Revlon's packaging (it needs a pump! it NEEDS A PUMP!) so I sort-of adore the packaging of Inglot's foundation.

  5. Interesting post! Inglot really confuses me with all of their AMC, etc. types of things. I would have no idea which of those foundations to choose.

  6. Ooh it sounds really nice and it looks beautiful on me! If that's the lightest shade I doubt they'll have a match for me though :(

  7. Excellent review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I'm always searching for the perfect foundation in hope to find it one day ;)

  8. Great post and this cosmetic products are really good, Inglot cosmetics is available online only on this site

  9. For everyone that don't know the difference. AMC stands for Advance Make up Components, they are richer in pigments and will last longer. They are abit more expensive. As their creams are more for a daily and night use. The YMC are for the Youth. So you will find that it is more of a tint and not as heavy. So it is also suitable for sensitive skin types or for those that likes light coverage. I hope this helps .
    P.S. Their shades are abit darker due to the fact that it is a dubai brand and the colour range there are more tanned.



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