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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Morbid The Merrier Review

It got to the point where I felt everyone was talking about The Morbid The Merrier and I just had to give in. I ordered six samples and one Solid Perfume.

Gorgeous packaging? Sweeties?! The most beautiful handwriting ever?!! *flail*

I ordered samples of Black Jack, Paramour, Horseman, Natali and Kuku and received a free sample of Shanteu. The sold perfume was Dessert Absinthe. This is my first proper perfume review and I don’t have a very sophisticated nose at all, but I’ll do my best!

Dessert Absinthe

I took my usual absinthe perfume oil and softened it with cream and sugar and soft citrus. Upon opening, the first notes are lemon, sugar, and anise - very reminiscent of a lemon sugar cookie. After wearing it for just a few minutes, however, the bottom notes emerge... woodsy, earthy, mysterious, and alluring. I created this perfume for those who prefer something softer and more feminine than traditional absinthe.

On first sniff, you smell a sweet, creamy scent with a hint of bitterness to it… not unlike a dark chocolate and mint dessert. After a few minutes on the skin you can definitely smell the absinthe/anise sharpness cutting through and it’s fabulous. I’ll find it dries to a more milky, sweet scent and the anise fades quite noticeably, but it does leave a subtle woodiness there. I’ve only ever had one solid perfume before and it had no longevity and was in a pot, not a twist-up tube, so this is a revelation. (Yes, Lush, I am looking at you.) Would certainly repurchase this one. My boyfriend says it smells ‘like cake,’ which I took to mean ‘I like this.’ I reckon I get around 5 hours with this one before I feel the need to reapply so I can smell it.


”Oh, romance. Or something like it. A dozen red roses, spilled wine, a hint of blood, and gunsmoke."

A really hard one to describe…. I’ve never worn anything quite like this!. The rose note is certainly prominent initially, and there’s a certain spiciness to it… if it’s a gunsmoke smell, it’s certainly the sharpness of firecrackers. Personally I’m not really getting the wine, and to me, the scent just fades rather than having a bottom note emerge. Boyfriend says this ‘smells like the inside of a Skittles bag.’ Not sure what to make of that other than his nose is broken. Adore this, will certainly be getting a solid or full size of this one. It's very sexy.

Black Jack

”Black Jack is sexy, dark, and earthy. Citrus top notes and vanilla-wood middle notes are supported by a base of black, smoky leather. Unbelievably sensual and gorgeous.

Initially, I don’t like the smell of this at all – I’m getting an almost almondy, marzipan scent at first, which I really don’t like, but then it settles down and the leather and vanilla really come through. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this one because of the marzipan thing, which is a shame as I do love the leather notes as it fades. Boyfriend says ‘smells like…. TCP.’ Okay then… moving swiftly on!


”Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense, and the edge of a dark Autumn wood. Opens sweet, almost caramel-foody, but after only a few minutes on the skin, it darkens dramatically, almost changing into a different scent altogether.”

This is part of last year’s Hallowe’en collection and I hope that it’s still available when I next go to buy as I need a solid of this at least. The incense is initially very strong indeed,  but after ten minutes or so, a really comforting leather scent starts to come through. I guess I can smell the caramel-foodyness because I don’t smell like a new pair of boots. Compared to Black Jack, this is less leathery. Utterly gorgeous. Boyfriend says ‘Yeah, it's alright.'

"Kuku is a stunning combination of sweet neroli, wood, and leather. It's the feminine version of my Black Jack. Opens up sweet and flowery but, like her namesake, should not be underestimated... this lady has quite a dark side!"

This is the one perfume from my order that just doesn't work for me. I'm not getting the leather coming through much on this one - personally for me the floral is a little too cloying. It's not a horrible scent by any means, I just it doesn't suit my perfume personality. I'd certainly go for Black Jack over this one. Boyfriend says this 'smells of hippies.'

“…a brooding yet comforting blend of sweet, spicy orange and dark, fragrant chocolate with a heart of vanilla and wood.”
Amanda/Snarky Princess kept on telling me that this smells exactly like chocolate orange and initially that is exactly what I get! Boyfriend says ‘Yeah…. kind of smells like chocolate orange a bit,’ which I took to mean ‘Oh, what a sophisticated foody scent. Delightful!’ I really want my mum to smell this! The orange scent fades after a while leaving a slightly spicy, chocolatey scent. Really lovely.


Citrus with a musky undertone? It’s an odd one out of the bottle… I can't find this online to get a decription of it, so I really have no idea what I'm smelling. I know I like it though! Saaaaahry!

*Edit: I'm a twat. It's Shatell, not Shanteu, and it's part of the Odditoria range. The site says: 'Key notes: pikake, amber, cedar, pink and black pepper, wood, moss.'

Overall, I’m really enjoying these perfumes! I seem to notice with most of them that the top notes fade away fairly quickly, so I’ll bear that in mind for future purchases! I’ll be placing another order soon, that’s for sure. I love having unusual, great value perfume in gorgeous packaging that I can sling in my bag – and who wouldn’t? These are very unusual scents, but you get a good deal on sample packs so I’d really recommend them. I was pretty impressed with the turn around time as well – my package shipped within five days of purchase. I'm going to go out on a limb though and say that if you like lighter, fruitier, girly scents this site may not be for you. If you like to smell like ye olde Brothel, which I do, then I suggest checking TMTM out sooner rather than later.

So…. any TMTM recommendations for me? Voix De Ville and Lion Tamer sound interesting! Who should be my next indie B&B purchase?


  1. I love TMTM! My absolutely favorite perfume right now is Eggbert, I love it even more than all the other perfumes I have. Maximo is also a scent that you should try from them! I just ordered a full size of both Eggbert and Maximo and a bunch more samples! Now I feel like I can't ever go back to commercial perfume!!

  2. The Morbid the Merrier are pretty close to the top of my "To try" list. I love dark, unusual scents so they're right up my street.
    Horseman sounds amazing so I do hope it's still available when I have some spare dosh!

  3. I've never heard of this brand, thank you for introducing me.

  4. I discovered this brand the other day and couldnt resist! I ordered Dessert Absinthe and the Funnel Cake Lip Balm :)

  5. @Kimmie: Eggbert sounds cool!

    @Jessie: It is right now, but not as a solid :(

    @Meredith Jessica: I like what I've tried so far!

    @Katie Lou: I just ordered the Funnel Cake lip balm!

  6. Haha 'like an old brothel'. YESSIREE. I really like Kuku! Dessert Absinthe just smelt of sambuca and sugar on me. I have no doubt that it's a well constructed perfume that smells complex and lovely on other people, but on me it's sambuca and sugar. I still need to order fullsizes from TMTM, but the scents I like are mostly oils and they're more money :(

    My picks are Voix de Ville, Cleo and Gypsy.

  7. Need to buy more indie stuff. I am running low on perfume. This is a good plan (when I get paid). Great review! x

  8. I adore TMTM now that I have finally tried them! My 1st order was samples of Voix de Ville, Brom and Natali. I recieved a freebie of Katina. I immediatley ran back for full size oils of Natali and Voix de Ville + some more samples. Voix de Ville is simply amazing! I wore it yesterday & could smell it on me just about all day! Brom was lovely but didn't meld well with me. I couldn't quite pinpoint why. katina is lovely as well but a little too powdery to call it a favorite. I have a feeling when I get this next order I will be running back for full sizes yet again :D

  9. I really need to make another order from TMTM. Delina is my favorite of the perfume samples I've tried. If you're looking for more indie scents, I highly recommend Wiggle Perfume on Etsy--she makes great stuff.

  10. I have Voix de Ville...and it's gorgeous. It really doesn't go along with what I'd normally call my perfume personality but it smells very sexy. It's what I would wear if I wanted to feel super grown up.

  11. I must say I'd never heard of TMTM before reading this review, but I've just ordered 10 samples on your say-so. Everything sounds DELICIOUS! I can't wait for my order to come.

  12. That Absinthe one sounds intriguing! Maybe I should start getting into fragrance!

  13. I'm just now reading about indie scents. I'll have to check their company out...!

  14. I LOVED the boyfriend comments! Men are so silly when it comes to scents. My person with a Y chromosome wants me to wear VIVA LA JUICY ALL DAY EVERY DAY. He loves that one SO MUCH. It is kind of not me, though. It smells nice, but it's a bit perky for my tastes. I just ordered a bunch of indie perfume and I know he will hate them all, lol!

  15. I really need to make an order from there, I love the packaging and the scents sound really lovely. I NEED Natali and Paramour and Dessert Absinthe sound intriguing. Thanks for the review, your descriptions were great!

  16. I like Voix De Ville and love Delina (this one is a fresher scent though based on the descriptions I would expect it to be the other way). Lucy on me is a cloyingly sweet Christmas scent though. I only tried these three perfumes, but I also really like her lipbalms.


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