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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Inglot Freedom Palette– More Neutrals! Looks and swatches

I’ve been gorging myself on Inglot lately, not going to lie. Really good value - although not cheap - and lots of beautiful products to choose from… what’s not to love? (Apart from an awful website with little/no product information, and only one store in the UK...)

Last time, I went for a cooler neutral palette, with lots of mattes, this time I went for some warmer colours and a little more sparkle. You can read my thoughts on the shadows and Freedom System in more depth here.



L-R: Matte 534 (light, slightly dusky pink), AMC Shine 20 (warm white-gold), Matte 368 (orange-leaning matte peach), DS 460 (sparkly grey-taupe), AMC Shine 37 (deep shimmery chocolate.)

L-R: Matte 330 (matte skin tone), AMC Shine 07 (warm sparkly gold) , Matte 337 (light matte cocoa), Pearl 405 (metallic bronxe) Pearl 402 (metallic taupe brown).

DS 460 is the mutts nuts, I’ve been wearing it a LOT a lot. It's a sparkly grey-taupe and it's beautiful. Matte 368 has been getting a lot of love as well - a lovely bright matte peach and it looks pretty good with my blue eyes, if I do say so myself.

I’ll run through the Inglot finishes quickly as I've not seen too much about them: Matte is what it says on the tin, no sparkle or shimmer. (Inglot mattes are excellent – pigmented and not chalky). ‘DS’ stands for Double Sparkle and is a matte base with lots of sparkle (though it’s very fine, not glittery. I only have one of these but I really like it.) Pearl is a metallic-like finish, but with no shimmer particles and AMC Shine is a more metallic finish with sparkle through it. There’s also plain old AMC,  which are a matte base with sparkles – less than with the DS, and perhaps they are larger particles but don’t hold me to that. ‘AMC’ stands for Advanced Makeup Component, and according to the store MUA I asked it just means it’s more pigmented, though I’m not sure than what, because the pigmentation across the range is very impressive and pretty  damn consistent compared to other brands. I’m sure each of these finished has a MAC equivalent, so if anyone could fill me in on that I will love you longtime.

Anyway, less yakky, more facey? K.



Want to know more aboot this looook and check out our super-dee-dooper new YouTube channel? Of course you do! Clicky!



I’m sure I’ll end up with more Inglot shadows at some point but I think I’m set for neutrals now! Perhaps I need a blue and purple palette next? *ignores precariously stacked tower of Sleek palettes*

Have you tried Inglot yet? Do you like using palettes or do you prefer singles/loose eyeshadow?


  1. I only own one ten pan Inglot palette which I bought at IMATS in January. The colours I chose are a bit random but I've been very impressed with the pigmentation and texture. The range of colours available is a bit overwhelming (in a good way) so it's great to read your explanation of the different finishes.

    I'll be picking up a palette full of neutrals in the near future, hopefully. I just really wish there was an online shop for UK customers :(

  2. I have... let me calculate... 18 Inglot shadows, two of which are the same brown (as one was a giveaway gift). I am only disappointed with one and that's AMC shine 28 (it's basically all glitter).
    I wish I had that taupe... next time! If it was online I think I'd buy new ones every other month. Addictive!

  3. Luuuurve, I need more Inglot. I love the colors you got! 460 is indeed fabulous. Try 434 too if you don't have that :)

  4. Ooooooooh, these are my colors!!! Need, want, must have, etc!

  5. I love Inglot shadows and am in love with all of the colours. When I got my freedom palette (at IMATS NYC) I stuck with all bright colours but now I wish I had purchased a neutral palette as well. Great eye looks.

  6. Ooo i'm so jealous! I never get the time to go to London, wish we had an online store in the UK!

  7. I see you there, upside down smokey eye. ;]

    Is the matte peach/orange dark enough to use as a blush on you? Because I'd love to see that if it is.

  8. I like DS 460, Inglot e/s colors always pretty

  9. Lovely looks! I'm always very impressed with how well Inglot shadows apply, the finishes are gorgeous (or as you would say, the mutt's nuts, lol!)


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