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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Darling Girl Swatcheroo!

You know how it is. I buy stuff, I swatch it, I put it on t’internet. Today let’s have a butchers at some lovely Darling Girl goodies. Click to embiggen, please! Swatches are over bare skin on the top of the photo and over Pixie Epoxy in the bottom half. I figured I ought to do my swatches more consistently, because they're a mess right now. So if you see me *not* doing this, hit me.



L-R: Danceteria, Dark Heart , Jeweled Taupe, Keroppi. Both photos natural light.LOOK at Dark Heart. Are you looking at it? I mean… LOOK AT IT. I also got very excited when I saw all the glitter in Jeweled Taupe and Dancerteria. If you like Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie, you’re going to love Danceteria - it's in the same sort of family (I'll compare at some point - they don't look alike at all, but the level of sparkle is on the same level!) Jeweled Taupe is something very special. I didn’t realise it had quite so much glitter in it! Keroppi is a colour that’s been on my list to try to ages and looking at this swatch I think it’s going to get paired with Dark Heart pretty soon!


Peacemaker, Dream Scream, Faren Hite , Midnight Sea.

Midnight Sea is AMAZING. A beautiful blue-purple, I can’t wait to wear this. Dream Scream and Faren Hite were my free samples and Peacemaker was the GWP -  Dream Scream is part of the 2011 Hallowe’en line and is super cool. It’s a bright white with lots of red glitter and I think it’ll look really creepy packed on as an inner corner highlight! It calls to mind a mineralize shadow that was part of the very ill-fated Rodarte for MAC collection. Faren Hite is a wonderful bronzed pink which I don’t have anything quite like.


Colour Shifting Liquid Kiss in Audrey.

Click to biggify, the green shift to this is beautiful!

Holo Gloss in Raspberry Beret.

Damn Prince with your catchy tunes! This has pink and copper glitters in it and it’s sooo pretty. Very subtle but still funky.


Holo Gloss in Jaded.

Hnnnnnng, it’s GREEN, you guys! It looks a little odd on it’s own, I'll admit, although maybe I would wear it with a smokey black, punched-in-the-eye-with-enormous-lashes look for a night out. I mostly got this for layering over reds and oranges. It’s pretty cool!

Well, that’s all for me for now, hopefully I can get some looks done with these soon. I was rollercoastering and filming videos and doing collaboration posts so I didn’t have time to do ‘normal’ makeup this weekend! How psyched are you for the Darling Girl Hallowe’en goodies! I AM SUPER PSYCHED. I'm also going to try and get my hands on some of the teeny-weeny lotions, because they just sound so adorable!


  1. I love my jar of Dark Heart , it's such a pretty purple !!!

  2. i love the first eye shadow swatches, gorgeous colours!!



  3. wow those colours are amazing!!!I would love to see an eye look with any of these, especially Faren Hite, it's gorgeous!!!

  4. know what you mean with buying make up all the time, just that for me (us) I hate to swatch because I always get so keen on putting in my face, it's like a stress-feeling you know?
    Great swatches btw, and I bet you'll be trying them on for real soon eh? ;)

  5. Like I've already said, Jaded must be mine! Too pretty!

  6. I must be odd...I wear Jaded all the time all by its self. :P Thanks for the great swatches. :)

  7. Argh neeeeed Peacemaker, Dark Heart and Midnight Sea!

  8. Oooooh, I need Keroppi and Audrey and Jaded. They are gorgeous. I think I've got everything else - I mean, I'm sure about most of it, except for Dark Heart. Which I'd better have, because if I haven't gotten it yet, wtf have I been doing?

  9. Must. Have. Dark. Heart. Dark, blue-based purples are my favourite....and yet I have none.


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