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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Silk Naturals Fall Eyeshadow Swatches and Looks

Silk Naturals have a bunch of new stuff for Fall which I was lucky enough to try out. Today I’ve got a bunch of the new eyeshadow swatches to show y’all, and some looks I’ve done with them as well. All swatches are done over bare skin on the top and over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on the bottom of the photo. Let’s get crackin’!


Left to right, Kingfisher, Magpie, Nebula.

I find it funny that Kingfisher didn’t get named Magpie as it’s the exact colour of the sheen of magpie’s feathers! Kingfisher is a lovely light green-blue witha  gold shift – quite similar to Hi-Fi’s Slime and Snails, but with a more subtle shift. Very pretty. Nebula is an iridescent teal colour – very shimmery and pretty.



Here I’ve got Nebula on the lid, with Magpie in the inner corner, Nebula on the upper lashline and Peacock Cream liner (will do a quickie review soon!) on the lower lashline. I wish I’d done this over P.E or something stickier than UDPP, but if you enlarge you can see the lovely sheen to Nebula.



L-R: Roque, Swift, Checkered.

Rogue is described as a blackened teal that’s similar to Nebula with more of a golden gleam. I don’t see a whole lot of gold, though it is there and the finish is less iridescent than Nebula. I think this would make for a gorgeous green smokey eye with a black and purple! Swift is a medium, almost mossy green and is my favourite out of the three. I think it would look great as a liner with Chequered, which is a soft yellow gold that is really nice in a Fall collection. I don’t have a gold/yellow like that in my collection so I’m pretty happy with it!

Swift on the lid, with Rogue in the crease and Checkered in the inner corner. Peacock Cream liner as a base on the outer upper lid. Loving Swift longtime.


L-R: Heat, Glory, Fusion, Hairpin.

I think immediately of autumn when I look at Heat. It’s a beautiful soft coppery orange which I can see being very flatting with my eye colour. Glory is possibly my favourite out of the bunch – it’s super glittery in real life and I probably ought to have swatched it over something much stickier. Fusion is described as a ‘dirty copper plum’ – it’s in the same family as Glory, for sure, but slightly cooler and obviously not as woah, sparkly. It goes wonderfully  with Hairpin (cute name!), a dirty sort of bronze (I’m so bad at colour descriptions!)


Glory on the lid, Heat in the crease with Fusion in the ‘upper’ crease, and Hairpin on the lower lashline. Not captured: Glory’s awesomeness.
All in all, I’m quite pleased with these shadows! For a Fall collection, I think the colours are perfect and there are some stunners in here – Kingfisher, Glory and Swift I can see myself getting a lot of use out of in particular. For those of you who know more about SN than I do, what do I need to try from them shadow-wise?


  1. I was actually recently contacted by Silk Naturals, so it was fun reading this review--it's upping my anticipation to get the stuff they're so sweetly sending out to me. =]

  2. Wow, I love all the looks you created. =)

  3. These are all such gorgeous colours! I love all three of the looks you've done with them.

  4. Not familiar with this company but the swatches are quite pretty and the looks are nice too. I'll have to do some research!

  5. lovely! your eyebrows have the best arch!

  6. Heat is OMG gorgeous!!! :D

  7. I like Idolize, Tailfeather, Mojave, Prowl, Homecoming Queen, Madison, Dolce and Nudge Nudge. I find their Suede eyeshadows (something between matte and pearl) boring, but they are very popular, as well as Earth, Dark Arts and Taupetastic and their Nude palette dupes.

  8. Oh shite... I just did a lemming.

  9. You make dark colors look so wearable. Go you. :)

  10. Neeeeed Kingfisher, Checkered and Heat!

  11. Oh god, these are all so gorgeous. I need more Silk Naturals like whoa now.

  12. These are all gorgeous! I love Rogue; I've been looking for a nice blackened teal.


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