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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Sleeping Beauty (and bonus OOTD)

Sleeping Beauty is an awesome film – Malificent, yo – but Aurora herself? Bit dull. Even when she’s not asleep, all she does is sing and cock-tease an owl. Nonetheless, her peasant outfit is adorable, so that’s what I went with for this look. I had a great idea for the ‘Make it pink! Make it blue!’ part, but I just didn’t have time. I want to come back to that, though.

You’re not getting shit, owl.

Briar Rose 2

Briar Rose

Briar Rose 3

Briar Rose 4

Eyes: Lid, Mac Gesso, Inglot Matte 349 . Lower lashline, . Highlight/highlight under the liner, Inglot Matte 351 . Waterline. Benefit It Stick. Liner, Collection2000 Extreme 24/7 liner in black.
Lips: NYX Chandelier.
Cheeks: MUA Blusher in Shade 2.

I couldn’t decide what false lashes to use with this look – I really haven’t found any that look Disney enough for me. You know, with not too many lashes, but so that I don’t actually look like they’ve been drawn on. Oh, woe! We kept with the Princess theme this week and I gave Vijaya the slightly more well-rounded Giselle from Enchanted, which I love! So plz to be checking that out.

And just for a bonus, here’s what I wore today:



Dress, random knock-off shop. Tights, cardi, Primark. Necklace, Claires. Boots, Migato. Belt, New Look.


  1. Oooh. Adore the subtle highlight under the wing. And your eyelashes are looking good. Curious - What mascara are you using? (didn't see it listed) x

  2. Love it! The dress is very cute too!

  3. Gorgeous look, and that necklace is beautiful! Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite Disney movie/ Princess when I was little... I used to call it Seeping Booty because I couldn't pronounce it correctly. Which... uh... now sounds a bit wrong :(

  4. What a pretty look! Very simple yet very lovely. Love your outfit, too.

  5. Pretty look, I love the liner :)

  6. god this is so pretty. i need to recreate this. the shape is so different and unique compared to my usual cut crease! love what sleeping beauty says to the owl. you're hilarious!

  7. gawshh this look is just so, so, so pretty !

  8. Pretty! The liner is perfect x

  9. For some reason my comment wasn't going through before, but I was going to say that you look AMAZING. Your makeup's incredible, as per usual, and your outfit's super cute, too. The necklace reminds me of a one that I had in High School, but then the beads started to show wear so I had to throw it out. =[

  10. haha i so love your sense of humor! especially that owl part, eyeballing the basket haha!
    and hey you must have a wardrobe full of details, since you have the largest collection of jewelry that is so awesome! you could show us sometime!!
    great look all in all!/Azure

  11. Ooooh the makeup is perfect for Rosebud/Aurora! I love your outfit too, but we've talked about that ;-)

  12. Great look! I always rooted for Maleficent when I was a kid, I think people thought I was a strange child :D

    "all she does is sing and cock-tease an owl"

    ^ I LOL'd! XD

  13. Gorgeous look! :D You were able to make the dull Aurora turn into something cool! :D

  14. Owl's not gettin' shit, yo! LOL! Wow, this is a really stunning look, the light colours an neutrals contrast really well with your brighter hair colour. In other news, I want that necklace!!


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